Caroline Wozniacki debuts Stella McCartney Tennis Ruffle Dress

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World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki premiered adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis Ruffle Dress in her opening match at Indian Wells. The dress was first showcased as early as during the London Fashion Week last year.

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Color palette is pretty much similar to last year’s Tennis Performance Dress which came in dark gray and white, as Tennis Ruffle Dress exists in blueprint and white. Wozniacki is supposed to wear the blueprint dress at the French Open, while the white version is planned for Wimbledon.

I absolutely love this dress, as well as the rest of Stella’s latest collection following the same color scheme. My least favorite part of the dress would be the collar, but all the other details are beautiful, including the color, the cut, the contrasting coral bra and adidas logo.

The top-seeded Wozniacki reached the Indian Wells third round by defeating American wildcard Sloane Stephens 6-3 6-2. Her next opponent will be Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez who will try to extend her perfect record against Wozniacki to 4-0.


  1. Hey, sorry i haven’t commented in a while. Super busy with University work etc

    Anyway, i haven’t seen the dress in action but by judging by these pictures the dress looks really cute on Caroline. However, like you said, its very similar to her US Open dress..For some reason the professional photos of Caroline in photoshoots, the dresses look good however when we watch her play the dresses aren’t as nice…

  2. Jacob, nice to see you. Even though the dress is similar to the 2010 US Open dress, I loved that last year’s one and I love this new one. Kirilenko rules btw 🙂

  3. Does anyone know if Stella got inspiration for the neckline from a mollusk? It’s a cute dress, has anyone tried it on yet?

    Maybe the reason the dress doesn’t look as good when she’s playing is because she is always slouched forward when playing. Does anyone else notice that? I’d like to see another player wearing Stella McCartney also.

  4. In this video dress looks really cute on Caroline, but on the pictures from the court I’ve seen it doesn’t look so pretty.Maybe I’ll change my opinion when I see it in live action. Right now, it seems like too much is happening around Caro’s head,so much ruffles,and she doesn’t have a small head 😀 so it’s a little bit too much. :)I loove the blue colour,but I’m not a fan of orange-dark blue combination on this dress-dress is more like elegant,while those colours are little bit like coming out of space. 🙂 I would like it more with white bra.
    By the way,last year I had problems with Caro wearing same dresses all the time,and now I’m having problems with her switcing them too fast.She wore that beautiful white dress just at Australian open, and the same dress in pink just at exhibition with Clijsters.I just think it’s a pitty,pretty dresses. 🙂

  5. Sarah, where did you get that mollusk information from? I don’t know, maybe Caroline’s doom is that Kirilenko looks perfect in everything and she used to be the face of Stella.

    Mg, hahah funny comment about too much happening around her not so small head. Big or small head, I agree, the collar is too dynamic. As for the orange, I like it, it’s subtle, it’s not too bright.

  6. The dress is pretty, although I have some complains about it, but I think it’d look a lot better on Kirilenko. To me, Caro just doesn’t have the body figure for dresses like this. I think she looked better in just Adidas.

  7. The new dress isn’t so pretty like the US-Open-dress but also okay.
    I’d like Caroline to wear something new, not always the same styles. Yes, the color changed, but the cut and the idea is the same.

  8. hello! I’ve not posted on this blog for a very long time :S
    I think that this dress is pretty, but it doesn’t looks good on caroline’s body..She doesn’t have the siloehte to use stella’s models the colour is nice but for me blue with pink as i thought that was, would very more cool!

  9. Brenda, you’re always welcome. I think the dress looks good on Caroline, just that it’s not perfect, that’s all.

  10. I think McCartney line doesn’t suit her. It simply doesn’t fit her body shape. All of the dresses look too small on her and make her look really chubby even though she’s not. I think she should return to good old Adilibria which, in my humble opinion, has a much nicer designs. If you look at dresses Ivanovic is wearing, they’re really cool. The combination of colours, pattern, everything fits in its place. But this Stella McCurse is just no good. I think there’s hardly any player who would look good in her desings. She uses boring colours which are combine really badly and her dresses are far too elegant and not sporty. I always had a feeling she tried to copycat Sharapova’s dresses but failed and badly.
    Caro should drop her and return to classic adidas lines.

  11. Marine totally agree with you with the first things that yo’ve said..but for me stella’s designs are more unique and fashion that sharapova’s dresses..
    nike has bab designers on my opinion

  12. True, Wozniacki looked better in more classic adidas, but on the other hand, Stella’s designs are now properly advertised, and they deserve it, in my opinion.

  13. Hmm, they are definitely not my taste. However, they could look good on another tennis player but NOT at Wozniacki. I’d say they should try Ivanovic or Kirilenko, who looked OK in it. As for Nike, I personally don’t love their designs, neither. Adidas never dissapoints, lol 🙂

  14. I think Marine is spot on — the ruffle is way too much. Better than the “grandma” skirt she was wearing at the Australian open though!

  15. Marine I understand why stella dressed wozniacki..she’s the best adidas player and she wants to show her clothes..simply! She kwows that ana o makiri are more beautiful..but now they’re not the tennis players that caroline is

  16. Marija,

    Actually “mollusk” was totally not the word I was looking for. See those ruffles on the dress remind me of sea creatures. You know how some sea creatures have little wings attached that curve and look fluttery? That’s sorta what I was trying to say. Here’s an example:

    See the side of the creature? that’s what I was talking about. apologies for being confusing.

  17. I just returned from the BNP and the dress doesn’t work on the court. Half the time it rides up, almost completely revealing her butt. The ruffle just looks silly, as if it was added at the last minute. I would be really surprised if I saw this dress on the average club player. It’s just too frou frou.

  18. even if I like the dress I have to say that for me is stella’s uggliest one..the best was the one that maria used on the australian open in 2009, or the one that she used in the same tournament on 2006 🙂

  19. Marija!!

    I took photos at the tournament on monday! you can have some of mine. Unfortunately for matches I have all ATP players (I have lots of Del Potro) but I have Dinara Safina and Vania King in practice. I can send you some if you want to see them?


    I was at the tournament too and I tried the white dress version on in the tent with all the clothes. It was pretty short.

  20. Sarah perfect! so the next time that we talk we can do it in spanish! And you’ll not read my horrible english jaja

  21. Brenda, but the point is that we all understand you. Plus, your English is great, I don’t see any problem with it.

  22. Your english is good Brenda! plus I had to look up “aguante” in the dictionary. I see that word a lot when people are cheering someone but I didn’t know what it meant.

  23. thaks girls.. Next week i’ll have english at the university so i hope to improve it jaja..
    Aguante is the same as GO, we use it to give force for our teams, at football or in this case for our favorite tennis players 🙂

  24. I PREFER MARIA KIRILENKO WEARING THIS, Fat, huge forehead caroline, any kind of dress will not suit her, shes hideous on any dress she wears.


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