Serena Williams showing sexy attributes in Top Spin 4 commercial


Serena Williams is appearing in the latest Top Spin 4 commercial which is all about exposed curves, black leather clothes, fire and grunts – basically they opted for the old sex sells idea. Serena is apparently in the commercial for this video game because she’s “the world’s sexiest tennis player”, and she’s playing against “the world’s sexiest tennis gamer”. Is it a punishment for Serena, as she didn’t play the actual tennis for such a long time? 🙂

I’m sure a lot of people love the ad, while I’ve also read the opinion of a fair share of those who consider it a fail. Here’s what one Forty Deuce commenter said:

I’m not sure who this is supposed to appeal to at all. First off, I’m a guy and did not find that ad sexy compared to any other commercial on TV. Second, I am a tennis fan and it had almost nothing to do with tennis. And third, I’m a gamer who was already contemplating buying the game and this told me nothing about it. So, all in all, this was a completely useless advertisement. Good work whoever came up with that.

All the ads aim to grab our attention in some way, and this one is successful in that matter, both visually and auditorily.


  1. HI! could you please explain me the sistem of points of wta..There are 2 kind of premier that give 900 point.. and another that gives 500?? and also there are premier mandatory events that gives 1000 points??.. International events..??? jaja
    and if there’s another kind of event can you please tell me!
    kisses 🙂

  2. Brenda, it’s unrelated to this article, but here’s the explanation from Wikipedia:

    1. Grand Slam tournaments (4)
    2. Year-ending championships (Sony Ericsson Championships).
    3. Premier tournaments:
    1. Premier Mandatory: Four combined tournaments with male professional players, with U.S.$4.5 million in equal prize money for men and women. These tournaments are being held in Indian Wells, Key Biscayne, Madrid, and Beijing.
    2. Premier Five: Five $2 million events in Dubai, Rome, Cincinnati, Toronto / Montreal, and Tokyo
    3. Premier: Ten events with prize money from U.S.$600,000 to U.S.$1 million.
    4. International tournaments There are 31 tournaments, with a prize money for every event at U.S.$220,000, except for the year-ending Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions in Bali, which has prize money of U.S.$600,000.

  3. Simply awful…..

    I won’t rant, even though I am that way inclined, but really?? Is this how we need to market one of the most successful female athletes of all time?? Through sex and gratuitous camera shots aimed at her chest?

    Awful, tacky and not even the slightest hint of sexiness….

  4. Marija thanks..I konw that question has nothing to know with the article but I don’t understand the system of points and I wanted to know…But you dindn’t tell me about how many point does every kind of tournament give to the players if they win.. 🙂

  5. The commercial is fine with me (tennis player and gamer). No doubt the connections behind the production and marketing of it are largely responsible for the way it looks. The game looks fun and I’m buying it for sure.

    Bottom line is the commercial does what it’s supposed to do – bring largely positive attention to the product. They went with a long-time top player in using Serena…and she looks good enough to play along with the sexy theme. Last time I checked Serena does have almost 2 million twitter followers so it’s a win IMO.

  6. I don’t know what to think of this spot… Actually it says very little about the game 😛 …But the funny thing is that it seems to have been censored in the USA!

  7. ugh — not only is she one of the “un-sexiest”people on the planet — she is loud , ugly and vulgar ( although she has won a lot of tennis matches). Surely there are sexy and competitive athletes they could have used. Serena is a poor sportsman who often turns up to an event out of shape and FAT

  8. Stella, I don’t think its fair to call Serena, one of the most un-sexiest people on the planet!

    You clearly don’t like her, but she is acctually atractive.

    She looks super sexy and fit in the commercial, and like Forty Duece said sex sells.

    As a women, I don’t find it offensive or objectifying (as some people have said). I love it.

    Hopefuly Serena will be on the real court soon! And the add has been banned in the US.

  9. I have a Google News Alert set up for Top Spin 4 (because I am interested in the game, and have bought it) and my inbox has been inundated this past week with this story. At the end of the day, it’s an advertising gimmick, and in terms of raising awareness of the product, it’s worked.

  10. I was a bit shocked by this ad. Sex sells but video games? These products are bought by children and even though I am no prude I totally understand why it was banned in the US. I think she’s shot herself in the foot with this one. I agree with Stella, it is really vulgar.


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