Caroline Wozniacki declines Playboy offer


Caroline Wozniacki has declined offers to pose for Playboy, including other similar photo shoots for men’s magazines in the past, such as FHM and Maxim.

“I’m not going to take off all my clothes,”
the Danish world No.1 said, as reports via Ekstra Bladet.

Wozniacki’s agent, John Tobias, said that at the age of 20 Wozniacki is still too young to appear in such magazines, which could also damage her established image. Wozniacki will be kept away from such things for now. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. That too bad…she’s beautiful and I think she should pose for PLAYBOY, FHM and MAXIM. I don’t think it would damage her established image.

  2. Go Caroline!! There is no need for Caroline to pose for any of these magazines….What would it achieve? She is an awesome athlete, number one in the world. Really great that she doesn’t feel the need to do this for herself, or anyone else.

  3. Actually, isn’t it strange how other players, like Masha and Ana, posed in younger age and no one had a problem with that? I just don’t see Caro as sex symbol or smth like that, she’s pretty but she looks too cute and childlike in my oppinion, it would deffinitely look strange. Playboy is always too much, but I liked e.g. Ana’s photoshot for FHM and Masha’s for SI, I don’t think they were too revealing, they were sexy but not vulgar.

  4. I respect everyone’s decision. I had no problem with Ivanovic and Sharapova posing. I was a bit shocked to see Ivanovic lying in pink tennis balls, but the photos are beautiful and eye-catching.

  5. Caroline don’t have to do things like that. She is one of the biggest players these days. She don’t need it.
    Furthermore it’s everyone’s own decision to do something like that.

  6. I am not impressed if an athlete sells their body for something like this. A photoshoot in this type of magazine always cheapens a person, revealing or not. I think it’s good that she declined although based on words of her agent she might be pretty tempted in future….

  7. I have to add, before I was all like ”men magazine’s are only about half-naked girls and stuff like that”, but once I’ve seen one and actually they have pretty good articles and interviews dealing with sports, politics and other interesting stuff. No offence, but I think ”our” girl magazines are sometimes just too much about gossip and shopping. So, as long as the photos are beautiful and not too much- why not? It’s their decission, after all. 🙂

  8. Just like to point out that Caro said she’s not gonna take off “ALL” her clothes, so one can assume that she may one day pose semi-nude. Also, her agent did say she would be kept away from such things “for now”, so again it’s possible that later on she may accept the offer from FHM and/or Maxim.

    Serena did tastefully pose nude for the cover of ESPN magazine but in a way that “nothing” could be seen–I heard about it when it was featured on a financial news tv station which shows the range of coverage it got. Caro did take a vacation with the Radwanska sisters and was photographed sunbathing topless but she was face down on her lounge chair, so she’s hardy a total prude.

    Caroline is currently making a ton of money from winning tournaments (including $700,000 2wks ago from IWs) and her various endorsements etc. but I predict that she’ll do mags like FHM and Maxim one day because those mags are generally considered acceptable and she’ll reach a bigger audience to promote her brands and bump up her twitter followers.

  9. Marija, yes,it was including you as well as a few other blogs I like to read. We are spoiling you for your blog birthday, aren’t we 😛

  10. I totally agree with Mirjana (both comments), this time I can not make the effort to translate my thoughts! 😛

  11. I am going to admit, part of me is a little disappointed that she didn’t pose. When you pose for playboy your fan support will increase. I remember when Ashley posed. That was a very tasteful centerfold. On a rather interesting note I came across a golfer that looked a lot like Wozzy. Morgan Pressel

    congrats and the blog birthday Marija. heres to another 4 years

  12. P!nky, haha you’re disappointed. There are all sorts of opinions on this topic. 🙂

    Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. You’re also among the readers that have been with me for years. 🙂


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