Maria Sharapova’s 2011 French Open dress


Emily of WTA Tour Insights notified me about the new dress Nike has in store for Maria Sharapova. The Russian debuted blue Cross Court Statement Dress at the Sony Ericsson Open where she finished runner-up on Saturday, but Nike already has a fresh design for her 2011 French Open appearance, a yellow dress that follows the same pattern as the blue one – pretty simple design without too many details and layers, decorative lines, and soft color.

When I talked about the Statement Dress I mentioned how the lack of extravagance in the recent Sharapova designs makes Nike lean towards adidas’ approach, and this latest dress is reasserting that with the opening in the back similar to this year’s adidas Adizero.

The light yellow is beautiful for spring and will match Sharapova’s blond hair and the red clay of Roland Garros well.


  1. I think i like it. i guess its hard to judge before actually seeing it on her. I don’t like the transition of materials, it would be nice if it was just the one material

  2. Yeey, I love how yellow goes with clay. 😀 The dress is pretty, not extravagant, sporty and cute. Good enough for me:D I’m also glad it’s in this colour, I was starting to get bored how Nike almost always dresses its players in blue for clay court season.

  3. My favorite for clay is actually red (I know it’s strange, but we’ve seen some perfect examples – Ivanovic’s 2008 dress), but yellow is also a beautiful choice. I think brown is as well.

  4. My my my, what a lovely dress. The color and design are simply wonderful. I can already see Maria in it with matching cap and shoes. She’s going to look absolutely stunning out there on court.

  5. I think that Nike is finally on track with Maria’s clothes, it was unthinkable that they could commercialize on large-scale clothing such as the last year Roland Garros one, the latest design are certainly less eccentric and cover a much larger market share. Now Nike should also lower the prices that are a little too leavened, I’ve always bought Nike’s clothes because they fit my body a little better than Adidas’ design, but now Adidas is much more competitive!

    However I like this dress and I think the color will work well on clay… 😛

  6. Yay! A Sharapova dress I actually like in the past two years. It’s definitely not like her old designs which were awesome, but I love yellow. I would try this on.

    But could someone please tell me who started this “big hole in the back” trend? It doesn’t look good and can cause a bad tan/sunburn. I would just get rid of the hole.

  7. The dress without the hole will make it really look simple. It is a plain dress, however, with Maria wearing it, it will be awesome!

  8. Just saw the Nike video of this dress and I have to say that it looks much better when it’s in front of a darker background. There’s a shot of the dress against clay, and the colour is absolutely fabulous! A definite improvement from last year I think.


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