How ready are Serena, Venus and Kim?

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The Premier-level tournament in Rome is warming up, with the strong field of seven of the Top 10 players present, including world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki, but let’s remind ourselves of the dormant long-time champions Serena and Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters. What are they doing?

Serena Williams has slipped from No.10 to No.17 in the rankings released today and there is still no word on when she will come back from her two foot surgeries and the blood clot in her lungs. Serena’s fall in the rankings is actually historical for American tennis history, as this week is the first week ever that the United States have no representative in the Top 10 in either WTA or ATP lists.

Soon it will be a year that Serena has been away from tennis courts. However, the younger Williams sister is far from bored. Recently she even had a stalker drama in her life.

Venus Williams hasn’t competed since retiring from her third round match at the 2011 Australian Open in January and is skipping this week’s Italian Open in Rome. However, the five-time Wimbledon champion has committed to playing the grasscourt tournament of Aegon International in June, where she hasn’t participated since 1998.

Kim Clijstersbizarre wedding injury is still keeping her away from competition, but the Belgian is back training and is only hoping to recover enough in time for the French Open which starts May 22. Her official website states French Open as her next tournament.


  1. I’m slowly starting to think the Williams sisters wont’ return. Kind of think of it, do they have to? I mean, Venus is 31 and hasn’t won a slam in almost 3 years and she is just not playing that well anymore. Serena has 13 GS and I doubt she’ll return if she doesn’t get in champion form, and I’m not sure is she able to do that. She had many comebacks through her carrier, but she’s 30 now, and things are a lot different. As for Kim, she’ll play Wimbledon for sure, winning that title is her goal. I have to say, these women are amazing players, but for me, a true champion doesn’t skip tournaments. GS are very important, but there are other tournaments, too.

  2. Mirjana, your opinion that true champion don’t skip tournaments is perfectly fine. Let me just make a few points.

    Excluding money reasons, why did Kim and Justine come out of retirement? It’s because they had unfinished SLAM business to take of. Kim’s legacy had 3 gapping holes in it, she was a 1-slam- wonder who hadn’t won the AO, RG or Wimby. Believe me she’s proud of herself for getting the AO crossed off the list, now she gunning for the other two. For sure Wimby is her big goal. Since her comeback Kim has won 3 slams, a YEC and that’s great!

    While in retirement, Justine’s resume was missing 1 slam – the prestigious Wimby. According to wiki, Justine was inspired to comeback after seeing Federer finally win RG and complete his career slams (having won every slam at least once). She tried her best to add the grass slam to her legacy but unfortunately wasn’t able to do so.

    Frankly, I can’t fault champions for avoiding some lesser tourneys (where they may suffer injuries) to focus on their big personal goals.

  3. Yes, but they are skipping even the biggest ones, and I really doubt playing more matches is that risky. I mean, all ATP players are constantly showing up and winning, and still are prepared for Slams. It just doesn’t look good to me- it’s like tennis is only Slams, and it’s much more than that. And it causes this great confusion about no.1 spot.

  4. Cherry, I certainly hope Serena fully recovers from her injuries. I see many of her fans on twitter etc saying that when/if she does come back on tour, she’s going to be back to her dominant form after a few tune-ups.

    But what if she returns and just sucks? Do her fans really want to see this great champion out there suffering defeats at the hands of maybe outside-of-top 20 players. Look what happened to Venus – knocked out of last year’s Wimby by #82 ranked Tzvetana Pironkova at the embarrassing scoreline of 6-2, 6-3.

    I would prefer to remember the Serena who left the sport at the very top after winning Wimbly, because believe me, fans can turn against their favs in a hurry if they get on a losing streak.

  5. I don’t think people should wriye off the williams sister just yet. I mean sure theyre in their 30’s and are injured, but don’t forget that these women have fought through so many injuries and other personal events outside of tennis in where they have come back and destroyed players for big titles. At the end of their career, they won’t be defined by how many tournament they’ve won or how many they played, but the quality wins in the Grand Slams. Serena was playing some of the best tennis of her career and won the grandslam with ease, Venus is a little ify, but these women have brought so much popularity to the sport and have redifined it. Serena has recently released photos and twets showing she is getting back in shape and ready to make a comeback soon. Trust me, the women on the tour are’nt taking this lightly. Serena is a dominant player that will inspire people beyonfd her year in professional tennis:)

  6. Mirjana, I agree with you. The stars of the tour are players who support the tour playing full-time and not just at GS. As for Kim,she’s got family so I understand she is not committed as much. Williams sisters are different case, they do not commit to playing because they decided not to. Personally, I don’t believe the injury stories. They just want to have more time 4 their business activities. They want the most for the least effort. That’s why I appreciate players who really commit to the tour and don’t just try to reduce their schedule as much as possible.

  7. Joeowen, you make some good points.

    Marine, are you saying you don’t believe Kim’s injury is real? 😀

  8. I have followed the Williams sisters for a long time and have seen all their antics like pulling out of tournaments for no reason year after year. They have claimed hurt when they are caught surfing in Hawaii. They only play a few tournaments even when they are not faking injury. They are BAD for tennis. They should have retired with grace like Elena did last year instead they hang on as long as they can with their lucrative contracts and sponserships. Time to move on.


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