Kim Clijsters injures ankle at a wedding, French Open in doubt


What’s this with off-court injuries? It’s not only the busy schedule that’s threatening players’ health, restaurants and weddings are dangerous too. Kim Clijsters sustained a right ankle injury at her cousin Tim’s wedding and “the consequences are rather dire”, as her official website reports.

Clijsters’ ankle is completely immobilized and she will not be able to use her foot for a few days, while she faces a recovery of at least four to six weeks. Therefore, her participation at the French Open is very unlikely. The Belgian will use the time out to continue working on her recovery from shoulder and wrist injuries.

As you know, Serena Williams has been sidelined with an off-court injury for almost a year. The American stepped on broken glass at a restaurant in Munich, and she’s since endured two surgeries and various complications.


  1. Go Kim!
    It’s such a shame the best player of the tour can’t play. What’s tennis without Kim? 🙁
    Hope she’ll be back soon. I’m sure she will come back stronger than before. There’s an US-Open-title to defend…

  2. Kim injured at wedding, Serena in resturant… It seems players today shouldn’t have a social life! Now, seriously, I hope she’ll be back very, very, soon, she is the only decent player to watch these days… :/

  3. It’s noted that since her comeback, Kim hasn’t been fond of playing on clay. LAST YEAR after winning the Miami title, she played her first tourney on clay and promptly lost to world #258 in the second round. Shortly thereafter Kim announced that due to a foot injury she wouldn’t be playing in any more matches on clay and would miss the 2010 FO. Clijsters returned to action at the start of the grass court season and tuned up for Wimbledon. Looks like Kim is going follow that gameplan again — rest up, focus hard on winning the big wimbledon title that she clearly wants to add to her resume but never won before. This might be her last chance before the final retirement.

    While Kim may well have suffered an injury at this wedding, there’s a legitimate argument that players sometimes claim injury in order to avoid lesser tourneys and not-their-best surfaces in order to cherry pick which tournaments they want to play in (i.e. their fav GSs etc). Some players don’t want to campaign for the full tour. IMO multiple GSs champions like Kim, Serena, Venus and Sharapova desperately want to add to their slam totals, that’s what they want to peak for.

  4. It can happen, you can easily injure yourself in everyday life, but still, it’s ironic that two of the best present-day WTA players suffered injuries off the court. Kim was probably dancing or something. And the most bizarre thing is that she not only injured her ankle, she pretty much destroyed it!

  5. at first I thought she twisted trying to catch the bouquet thing, but than I remembered why, she is already happily married, so maybe toasting the bride or groom, but you just stand for that. Maybe it was dancing, so why wear big heels?

  6. Sorry for Kim but like Forty deuce said, WTF?!? Frankly, when you manage to slide on hard surface and do things on a tennis court like an Olympic gold gymnastics medalist, how can you manage to destroy your ankle at a wedding?

  7. My first thought was: “what?” and then “high-heeled?” …It’s weird, but that is programmed or not, there is the possibility of injury every day and in the strangest ways, the good thing is that an athlete has muscles and tendons more flexible and resistant, recovery is typically faster than a normal person, then of course depends on the accident 🙂

  8. Injuries like that are bizarre, especially when athletes are in question, but can easily happen, even in flat shoes or trainers. Hmmm, can I say personal experience. 😛

  9. I could also bring some experience 😛 …another accident that I was very surprised at was what happened to Vika at the US Open last year, a moment of distraction can be really awful!

  10. She is probably lying to avoid clay like last year,and after her fears of radiation she better stay home with her unemployed husband.She is saving herself for Wimbledon and the American hardcourts.


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