Wozniacki loses Monte Carlo exhibition to Schiavone

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Straight from winning the Family Circle Cup in Charleston, Caroline Wozniacki rushed to Monte Carlo for an exhibition match at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters with the 2010 French Open champion Francesca Schiavone. The Danish world No.1 lost the one-set match, 6-4.

Wozniacki is bursting with confidence, so much that she booked her flight so close to the end of her Charleston final that they could have easily overlapped. Here’s what Diane of Women Who Serve, who regularly attends Charleston, said:

After the final, she dashed in to a press conference, and then almost immediately dashed right out. The champion had to catch a flight to the ATP tournament in Monaco […] So I’m left with a couple of questions: What if the second set in Charleston had gone to a tiebreak? What if it had gone to three sets?

Despite losing at the Monte-Carlo Country Club, Wozniacki enjoyed her appearance at the ATP event, especially because her home is just up the street from the Monte Carlo tournament venue. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)

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  1. Thanks Marija for the details ’cause I couldn’t figure out why Caro would play another tourney so soon after Charleston, but if she has a residence in Monte Carlo then that’s a smart way of getting home and booking her entourage expenses to her business account. Also, the one setter exhibition doesn’t tax her energy as much. Agreed, she didn’t leave herself much time to get there.

    PS: Anna Ivanovic has the weapons and form to surprise at the FO. Also I believe that she’ll get the mental toughness aspect down as Vika has admirably done.

  2. Helen, Caroline is smart, no doubt about that.

    Ivanovic on a way to a surprise at the FO? Oh well, the title surprise would be pretty unlikely, but you still never know in women’s tennis. I mean, who would’ve predicted Vesnina and Begu to be finalists last week.

  3. I think she knew it was very unlikely she would get beaten by Vesnina. She is a very clever person, that’s for sure.
    As for Ivanovic, I don’t think she has enough strength (especially mental) to make it at the FO. I think Caroline is the most likely to win that one.

  4. Hmm, how can you be so sure? I think her performance so far shows the opposite. Her chances are high.


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