Jacob, MJ_Weber and Lenore win in birthday giveaways


Dear readers,

The celebration of Women’s Tennis Blog’s fourth birthday has officially come to a close and it is my pleasure to announce the winners of all the three contests: Jacob has won the Nike Maria Sharapova Oz Open Ace dress provided by Keller Sports, MJ_Weber is the winner of the Twitter contest and one of the two t-shirts provided by Fetch Sports, and Lenore was lucky in the third contest and she will receive the Naemeh Shirazi’s sculpted lace earrings provided by Stevie’s Artisans.

I actually recorded videos of the “draw ceremony”, but I don’t like them so I’m not posting them. 😛 I put all the names of people who qualified on small papers and I drew them from a basket. I’m sorry to all the people who haven’t won this time, but there will be many more opportunities. Jacob, for example, took part in many contests on Women’s Tennis Blog and now he’s won a big prize. So don’t lose hope. 😉

Thank you all for making this birthday celebration so fun and dynamic! 🙂 I’m really grateful to all of you who joined and I hope that you will participate in the future contests as well. (Sharapova photo via Tidalist)


  1. Aw wow this is so amazing! Thank you so much!
    And yes, everybody keep on entering contests! I think this is the first contest i’ve ever won…like ever! Its an amazing prize, thank you so much 🙂

  2. Some people will never forgive me 😛 But someone has to lose in order for someone to win. You can be lucky next time. 😉 I’ll work on obtaining just as great prizes. 😉

  3. Congrats guys 🙂 I remember how happy I was when I won the Dvd’s here 🙂 Enjoy your ‘trophys’! 🙂

  4. Hehe – this was fun – first time I entered a contest 🙂 … congratulations to the winners 🙂

    BTW Marija, shouldn’t I be getting a prize for the most wacky answers? 😀


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