Wozniacki beats Jankovic for Rome semifinals


In a battle of the WTA Tour’s most famous defensive players, world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki defeated ninth-ranked Jelena Jankovic to reach the semifinals of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome. After each of them won one set, a string of service breaks followed in the decider, seven of them precisely, and in as much as the first four the server didn’t earn a game point! In the eighth game Wozniacki held her serve for 5-3 and then broke Jankovic to win the match 6-3 1-6 6-3.

Wozniacki’s opponent in the semifinals will be ninth seed Maria Sharapova, who advanced when Victoria Azarenka retired (Azarenka won the first set 6-4, but retired in pain in the second set after losing the first three games).

The other semifinal will feature Samantha Stosur and Li Na. The sixth-seeded Stosur defeated second seed Francesca Schiavone 6-2 6-4, in a rematch of last year’s French Open final. The fourth-seeded Li advanced with a 6-3 6-1 victory over Greta Arn of Hungary. (photo by our reader Tony)


  1. This match was not pretty to watch at all, and less bad player won. I always cheer up for JJ as she’s from my country, but I just don’t know how is she still in top 10. 🙁 She played great in 2nd set, but it seems she lacks motivation, which is pitty since she needs GS, and maybe her game is just figured out. As for other matches, poor Vika, she is really prone to injuries, and now this happens when she is finally playing great. :/ I hope she’ll be ready for RG. But I have to say, although Maria lost the 1st set, she was playing great and had a lot better ration between winners and unforced errors than Vika, so Vika would anyway be in trouble. So, I’ll be cheering for Maria against Caro, I think she has a chance. Franceska’s loss- not a suprise, and I’m glad Li is playing well again.

  2. Defensive game works wonders, Mirjana. I think Caroline and JJ are so succesful because they do not do what everyone else does. Unless their opponents get every shot right they have a little chance. And,defensive game can produce some good rallies 😉
    As for Vika’s match it was painful to watch after she injured herself. I don’t understand why she stubbornly continued after it happened, though. She was in a lot of pain and yet, still somehow wanted to finish it off. Maria also looked miserable having to play her in this state. She shouldn’t risk playing through injuries like this. Justine Henin took a risk and she isn’t on tour anymore.

  3. Yeah, I also don’t get that kind of behaviour. I mean, if you can’t play without crying and whining- don’t play at all. This, what Vika does, is just stupid. She’s torturing herself, the opponent, and us. And this is not the first time she does it. I hope she’ll be fit for RG, she could be a great threat.

  4. i really dont like the defensive game. its good to be defensive at times but you also have to go for your shoots…. there should be a combination of defensive and aggresive approach. As fr the match between caro and jj yup it was really…..

    and yp i too hope maria can win… and m too happy that Li has started winning again. hope she can win her first grand slam at RG… who knows…

    and kim is on schedule for RG… final announcement will be made next week by her…

  5. Some astute sporting people were expecting Vika’s retirement and were generously rewarded when their analysis proved correct.

    This year,the only time best friends Caro and Vika have faced each other during tourneys is when they hanging out: having breakfast and dinner together and going to soccer games etc. So far they’ve done ‘something’ to avoid facing each other on court:

    1) Vika retiring at IW and Caro winning.
    2) Caro losing early at Miami and Vika winning
    3) Vika retiring early at Stuttgart and Caro runner-up.
    4) Caro losing at Madrid and Vika runner-up.
    5) Vika retiring at Rome gives Caro a decent chance to win or runner-up.

    So if the pattern was to continue today, one of the best friends had to either lose or retire. Since Caro badly needs a victory after losing to Julia in 2 previous tourneys, the wiseguys expected Vika would either retire or tank vs Sharapova. They backed Masha heavily and got the payoff. Patterns don’t last too long but this one came thru today. Hope Vika’s condition gets better soon.

  6. Helen, Vika retired in IW against Caro so they have faced each other once!

    I hope Vika is back in time for RG I really hope she wins it too!

  7. You’re right Sam, they were on court for all of 3 games. I’m with you in hoping Vika will be at RG, likely she’ll play singles and doubles. Her ranking will give her favorable seeding, maybe she’ll get a good draw. Glad you have faith in her winning as she’s a talented star. 😀

  8. Yeap, the match that promised so much and diliverd so little! She will have a seed of 4 presumambly so will be seeded to make the SF and with minimal points (5) she should have a strong chance to have a better seeding for Wimbledon, although Vera and Kim both have little points to defend. I have so much faith in her, 2011 – the year I fell inlove with Vika 😀 And she has so much pontential and IMO a better game the Caro

  9. I don’t believe what you are insinuating, Helen.In this particular match she wanted to continue but just couldn’t. Vika has had many injury problems. Last night the commentators said she had to retire 10 times due to injuries since 2010.

  10. She just needed to get the ball across the net and it would be a winner,Caro was too close to the net on opposite side and out of balance, and JJ sent the clear forhand into the net. I think even I wouldn’t miss that shot! 😛


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