Strength, beauty and women’s tennis players


The WTA Tour unveiled a new ad campaign entitled “Strong is Beautiful”, aimed at kindling greater engagement of fans around the world by showing all the beauty of women’s tennis players whilst also portraying them as individuals who needed to overcome various hurdles in life in order to come where they are and stay there.

The campaign features 38 WTA players and includes TV, print and digital advertisements, as well as social media applications. I like this campaign, it’s classy, artistic and doesn’t promote only the very top players. Also, I like the 30-second videos. Besides the nice music, unique styling and the wonderful scenery and atmosphere, I think it’s great that some players are telling their life story in their native language.

Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic is talking about the 1999 bombing of her home Belgrade and how she could practice tennis when she got up early enough, before the air strikes started.

China’s Li Na is talking about the pressure and hope of 1.3 billion Chinese people on her shoulders.

There are other beautiful videos, including Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, and many others.

You can also see how it looked behind the scenes:


  1. The photos are pretty, and I like the most Ana’s, but where is Sharapova, I mean, from all these girls she probably has the biggest model look?

  2. ana looks like a model the most in the tennis world! Li Na’s commercial is soooo funny “no pressure” lool

  3. Mirjana, I don’t mind it that Maria’s not included, it’s good that some fresh faces are getting exposure as well.

  4. @ mirjana: yup sharapova should have been included but its also good to see new faces like andrea pektkovic and esp Li Na. Li Na’s commercial is really inspiring but what i dint get was the last phrase as ‘bb’ has pinted out earlier ‘no pressure’.

  5. Ana definitely has a model face, but I’d say Maria has more of a model body:D And this is cool, some of these players I’ve never seen in such promotions, so it’s really new.


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