Serena Williams’ ranking is No.175 now!


Don’t be surprised when you visit the WTA Tour rankings page and don’t see Serena Williams there. She’s on page 2 now!

Having failed to defend her Wimbledon title, falling in the fourth round to Marion Bartoli, Serena Williams dropped from No.25 to No.175! No doubt she can just as quickly climb back, but still, what a slump! It’s Serena’s lowest ranking since 1997!

Serena’s sister Venus suffered a much milder fall. Now she is No.34, and prior to Wimbledon she was No.30.

Petra Kvitova, the 2011 Wimbledon champion, has risen from No.8 to No.7, while Caroline Wozniacki, who lost in the fourth round along with Serena and Venus, remains No.1.

Reminder: Remember when Kim Clijsters won the US Open and ended by being ranked lower afterwards? (photo: Tidalist)


  1. Williams, especially Serena, shouldn’t really worry about rankings, if they continue training and improving their game, they’ll be very soon in top20 again.

  2. this year, in january atthe begining of the season..del potro after losing in the 2nd round of the australian open move out of the top400 ..because he’s an excelent player..and he didn’t hav points to july he is n18, and there’s a half season to be play! he played rg and wimbledon being seed! So..if you are a great champion, and you don’t have many points to can improve your ranking in few weeks like del potro 🙂 I know serena will end this year on top20!

    other things on this ranking..well they made me laught:
    1) Caroline Wozniacki: a girl who in the last 365 days won 9 tittles!! A LOT but…they’re not big she must be on the top5 but she’s not he best player on the world! If she wins the us open, she’ll be!
    2) Kim Clijsters: the real n1..2 gs tittles and a championship on he last 365 days..also a premier5 tournament
    3) Vera Zvonareva: the worst player on the top10 is n3 n the world! please!!! she only won a small tournament on doha!!!
    4) Vika Azarenka: like caoline, she’s afraid on winning big ittles.i don’t know why she is n4 now!5) Mara Sharapova: only won rome..she should be n5…she played finals in the last 365 days..but she only won rome! a top10 but not a n5!
    6)Li Na: australian open finaist nd RG champion! pleaseeee!!! she is n2!!!
    7) Petra Kvitova: brisbane, paris, madrid and WIMBLEDON chamion..why she is n7? she should b n3!!

    whith this players..the ranking should be:1)kim 2)li 3)petra 4)wozniacki and then the others

    serena’s ranking didn’t surprise me.she hasn’t got delpo on january

  3. that is an impressive fail. I remember when Sorona Cristea from Romania made the final as a qualifier she jumped a good amount of spots with that result as well

  4. The big question now – Will Serena actually play the regular tour? You have to play to move up in the rankings. Unless she is GIVEN a wildcard, she would need to start in the qualifiers. That is exactly what Lisicki, Cristea and other injured players had to do. Some injured players actually had to go back and play ITF tournaments begining in their qualifiers against beginners.
    The US Open Series starts in a few weeks. Maria is at Stanford, Kim at San Diego. Carolyn is playing this week in Sweden. They know you have to play to be number one. Carolyn is number one because she has been the most consistent player for the past year. Will Serena play and where?

  5. Brenda, we can’t even see the dress on Caroline well. All I can see is the bottom part which is light yellow. Nice video!

    JohnnyB, as I told you in one email, I have no idea when the sisters will play again, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they showed up mid August. However, you can’t blame them for receiving wildcards, they can’t be compared to Lisicki and Cirstea in that way. When Lisicki and Cirstea make such achievements they will get the privileges as well.

  6. serena will not play the qualies! Tournament’s sponsors will give her wildcards! Obviously! As delpo!
    And how consistent is a girl who los 1-6 3-6 on rg 3rd round?? Think about that!

  7. I would never blame Serena for receiving a wildcard. One could argue the WTA is to blame for that system which allows tournaments to play favorites. It is defiitely a crack in their system if the goal is total fairness to all players. I don’t think tournaments that have been burned in the past by Serena like San Diego will give her a wildcard. Not long ago the WTA had a system for injured players that enabled them to retain their previous ranking. Why can’t they be compared to Lisicki? Did they win even one tournament in 2011? How many tournaments does Serena play even when not “hurt”.
    Brenda, consistently isn’t the result of one tournament. Carolyn has played the best tennis in the past 12 months, better than any other WTA player period. How do you think she has accumulated all those points to be number one? No one gave her anything!
    I heard a rumor that perhaps Serena will show up for the new Middle Atlantic tournament in DC in July. Will she? Will she ever play again?

  8. atp has a the systemcalled “ranking protegido” for players with big injuries! Carolineis an horrible player! That points that u said are for tournaments without top players..exept for indian wells..simply! How many times does she beat kim, serena or venus?? On her nine tournaments she won the final against poor players! Please! Her rankingis a big lie! Poor kim, petra and li! I can’t believe why petra is ranked lower than her, than vika and that maria!

  9. i hope serena will improve their game because tennis is not same without williams sister.

    HAHAHA to be honest i don’t expect someone like vika and sabine trough to wimbledon semi’s. they are really talented in tennis but not consistent in their game. and wimbledon semi’s become so bored to watch.. i miss serena, venus, kim, even justine henin to back in tour

  10. JohnnyB, many of your statements are correct, but you always neglect the importance of a big name. The Williams sisters are the most recognizable women’s tennis players and tournaments don’t overlook that.

  11. Wow, that is a massive fall. Now she will really have to work hard to improve her ranking. Or she´ll be “injured” until the US Open and then tries again.

  12. Serena will be back because from now till next year this time she has no points to defend.She can only go up up …hope she plays pova first rd at the USA Open…she could be ranked top fifteen by the end of the year.

  13. Lisicki has the faster serve, did better than Serena in the only 2011 tournament that Serena entered, beat the previous defending major champion and actually won a tournament just last month. Compare players at their present level, not what they did in the past.
    Maria Sharapova, not either of the Williams sisters, is not only the most recognizable woman tennis player, but the most recognizable female athlete in the world. Tournaments are not allowed to pay players to show up. It is against WTA rules. However sponsers do pay them to show up.
    Mathematics, not whom Brenda may like, proves Wozniacki is the most consistent and the number one player in the WTA. Mathematics also proves fyoto incorrect. It is mathematically impossible for Serena to be ranked in the top 15 by year end even if she wins the Open. She must play the tour just like the other players and win consistently to gain the top 15 by year end. She will also not be eligible for the end of year championships and the points to be gained there.

  14. Jonny boy we know you love everything pova and to be honest Venus and Serena particularly Serena transcend sports.The media wants us to believe that pova is known worldwide…at this point a tournament director would rather have Serena.
    Wimbledon came alive when the sisters played,after that nobody was that interested even the final didnt do well in USA where pova is claimed to be popular.

  15. Oh! Please! Guys everyone kows that without the william sisters, tennis crap. We have to c them back up! Good luck to them


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