Dominika Cibulkova topless for Dunlop advertisement

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If you go to the official Dunlop Facebook page now, you will see, well, naked Dominika Cibulkova as a profile picture. The Slovak took her clothes off and showed us “Perfection Uncovered”. I don’t know yet whether this is only the start of a big campaign. There still are no other Dunlop ads with that slogan.

At the recently finished Wimbledon the 20th-ranked Cibulkova reached the quarterfinals where she lost to eventual finalist Maria Sharapova. In the fourth round she defeated world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki.

Dunlop produces tennis, squash, golf and badminton equipment and apparel. (via DeShawn Besabella)


  1. Dominika has the best smile in tennis!! As well as the best back, but this photographer could have had both! For years Dominika, the best looking woman in tennis, had no sponsers even when she made it to the top 25. Nice to see her making the big bucks!!

  2. Interesting way to sell sports equipment, using a player you sponsor and not having anything on her. I think they are going after men. Although I must say, i am looking forward to more ads if this is the start of a campaign. (Darn, I proved my point, kind of)

  3. Love It,She is beautiful.But I dont understand why C Woz gets so much attention.Shes a phoney number one, and not nearly as pretty as alot of these other girls. I`ll never fly Turkish Airlines,and I dont support money/fame hungry #1`s who cant get past the 3rd round in a major.
    But I will fly the same airline as Dominika!!!and Im on my way to the nearest Dunlop shop!!!!!!!


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