Caroline Wozniacki leaves Swedish Open with shoulder injury

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At the clay-court tournament of the Collector Swedish Open in Bastad, world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki had to retire in the second round against Sofia Arvidsson due to a right shoulder strain. Wozniacki won the first set 6-2 and lost the first game of the second before retiring.

The severity of the injury is still unknown. Wozniacki is yet to tweet something. 🙂

In the first round of the tournament Wozniacki had a tough two-setter against Alize Cornet. The 6-4 6-4 match featured 16 breaks of serve! (photo courtesy of Tony)


  1. Does this girl have any control above her carrier? What is her team doing? Why is she as no.1 playing a minor tournament, right after Wimbledon, on clay? I just don’t understand it at all, why risk getting injured for max 250 points. And this isn’t the first time this happens. I think she needs to slow down a little bit with the trainings, if she continues like this her carrier will end sooner than she wants. It’s obvious that if she wants to achieve more, she’s gonna have to change some things in her game, improve her shots and play more offensive, it’s not all about gym, running and training 8 hours a day.

  2. Because she committed to play twice this tournament and she didn’t play it last year. So she was “forced” to show up. I definitely agree on the “relevance” to play clay in middle of July! I guess (secretly hope) that it’s a very minor injury, giving her an excuse to not play too much – I have no information at all.

  3. So many great players are getting injured lately. I hope Caro recovers from her injury soon.

  4. Regarding

    – About the whole story: Most funny story of the week.

    – About Caro: How can you lead 40-30 on your serve at 5-3 and not finish it up? Didn’t you learn from your Na Li encounter at AO??? Come on and wake up.

    – About Caro: at 0:10, she looks very pissed off. I don’t want to be her shoes at 0:10.

    – About Caro: at 0:19, nine second later, she looks incredibly sweet. I love it 🙂

    – About the referee: what the f… are you doing? Obviously Alizée didn’t do it intentionally, but she should have got a warning for not playing after 25 seconds. Her phone is her responsibility. Especially because it’s on a match point.

    – I’m parano: and if somebody did it intentionally? Frankly, what’s the probability that your opponent phone rings when you are serving for the match??? Can we have Alizée’s phone log? 😉

    – About Alizée: “On t’aime bien parce que t’es plutôt cool mais franchement là, t’es vraiment la honte du pays !”, which one could quickly translate by “shame on you!”

  5. @ mirjana….

    shes no.1 by playing lots of these minor tournaments and winning them.. her performance at grand slams has been extremely poor so far… not even worthy of top 10 player i would say… anyways thats what she has to decide… what and how to do it… she is no 1 and there is doubt abt it…

  6. Caroline is a disgrace to be number one. She racks up points and money in minor tourneys so she can be in the record books. BFD !! she cant beat half the top 20, who dont waste their time at these small tourneys.This whole senerio is orchestrated by her money/fame hungry father.She will never win a major doin this.And she will never be a TRUE number 1 till she wins a big one.Her career expectency is fading fast, shes gonna burn.Lately,she been absolute joke.She put on 10 kilos and has no power shots.Great defense,but no offense.Early-out in New York !

  7. brenda, you are 100% correct.The point system is a joke.The #1 should be based on money earned.Points don`t mean a thing, except to the Wozniaki family.It is very important to be #1 when you come from a communist country.Are they not embarresed that they climbed to the “Top” on minor tournements?Money must mean alot to her father.The poor girl must be ashamed herself,while her father keeps counting the cash.I hope she dumps her father and wins a big one,without his help.But that won`t happen.

  8. i’m not saying that the money is the most important thing! I’m saying that if wozniacki’s tittles were bigger perhaps she would be n1 at the price money ranking…she is n5!!!!!! And she won 5 tittles!!!


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