Nike and Adidas looks for US Open 2011


The US Open is approaching and it’s time for reviewing what tennis stars will be wearing at the final Grand Slam of the season. The most famous brands, Adidas and Nike, are always the first to grab attention, so let’s see what they have prepared for their biggest names.

Ana Ivanovic has been sporting a beautiful blue Adidas Fall Adizero Dress and at the US Open the 23-year-old Serb will wear the same dress, only in pink, or as they officially call it, in “sharp red”. The dress has an open back and a delicate design on torso.

Serena Williams will finally give credit to her Nike clothes at a major and her two recent victories at Premier-level events will insure she pays back to all the time Nike made an outfit for her even though she didn’t play a tournament.

Serena has two dresses for the 2011 US Open. During the day she will wear Autumn Smash Hard Court Dress in red, and for night matches she is expected to wear the blue version.

Maria Sharapova is also equipped for both day and night. The 2006 US Open champion has a Maria Ace Day Dress in gray and light purple with fluorescent red linings. Sharapova’s night dress is not the same as the day one just with a darker color scheme, the style is compatible but different.

Li Na‘s two-piece outfit has similar colors to Serena’s day dress. The Chinese will wear a red Autumn Smash Classic Top and ironstone Fall Smash Pleated Skort.

Victoria Azarenka will sport an intensive blue dress officially called Nike Fall Set Point Knit Dress.

This time I’m excited to see what Ellesse will have in store for Galina Voskoboeva. The Kazakh attracted a lot of attention with her run to the quarterfinals of the Rogers Cup, but also with her Ellesse dress (she is a much better representative of Ellesse than Nadia Petrova).

What do you think of the outfits? I’m not crazy for any of them, but I can single out Sharapova’s night dress. I like the graphite tones. I love Ivanovic’s Adidas dress, but I prefer the blue one.


  1. Annette, I agree, they are nothing close to impressive, but they are nice. I find them better and more interesting than Serena’s.

  2. I like all of these nike and adidas dresses but I don’t like how Maria (who is the best dressed wta player) looks in grey.

  3. Adidas are so boring, they really can’t come up with any new colours…differen’t name but same old colour as last year.

    Maria’s are to simple, like what Serena would wear.

    Serena will look fierce! She wins in my books.

    Vika will look hot! Dress in blue >>>>>> dress in white!

  4. I like Ana’s dress, but I have to admit i was hoping for different color combination, this one is too alike the last years. As for Nike, it’s nice, but nothing special, really. I like Maria’s night dress very much, but i’m not sure how will she look in that day dress, in gray, and the design reminds me more of Serena.

  5. I love all the dresses for Serena and Maria during the US Open 2011. The variations of gray are very new edge and youthful. They are not going to look good on older ladies, but are targeted to younger ladies who want tennis clothing to be more fashionable. Neon colors and gray are very in. Great job Nike. Me and my girls will buy your stuff. Thanks.


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