Nadia Petrova on her Ellesse outfits: “Oh my god. Those are not my choices.”

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Russian world No.22 Nadia Petrova has been drawing a lot of attention with her Ellesse apparel – from her US Open stripes in more than all the colors of the rainbow, to the blue piece pictured above. The Ellesse designs are neither making Petrova look stylish and fashionable, nor flattering her figure in any way. The outfits look like a joke, and as ridiculous as they are, they look even more ridiculous on Petrova (Caroline Wozniacki would look somewhat better in them, for example, or maybe Jelena Jankovic).

Anyway, A Change of Ends chatted with Petrova at the All-Access Hour in Charleston and we learned that Petrova actually hates the clothes Ellesse prepares for her. The interview is hilarous!

Q. Recently you’ve made some pretty bold fash­ion choices on court. How much input…

A. Oh my god. That has noth­ing to do with me. Those are not my choices.

Q. That’s what I was won­der­ing, how much input do you have in your outfits?

A. This is what Ellesse sends me.

Q. So you don’t say, “this is what I want,” you don’t meet with them? They just send them to you?

A. I don’t have a say. Um, I did actu­ally pro­vide them with some of my sketches because I know what really flat­ters my physique, my figure.

Q. Do you think they’ll take them into account?

A. Well they haven’t done it yet…and actu­ally this is my last year with them. So I don’t see why they would com­pro­mise. They do what they think are sell­ing in Japan and they are just send­ing it to me.

(photos: Johan Rivera, sydney-yokochin, sr_cranks)


  1. She is so honest it almost hurts. 😀 Anyway, I don’t know what the hell happened to Ellesse designers through the years (decades 🙂 ), I saw some Ellesse outfits Chris Evert wore and those were some of the best tennis outfits I’ve ever seen. And today, it’s like a joke. But I saw some other players wearing much more ”normal” and pretty Ellesse designs.

  2. Contract with Ellesse expires and what next? Back to adidas, buying own clothes or brand new contract

  3. Poor thing, she must feel pretty awkward in those horrid dresses. They are suitable for someone young and slimmer. What ellese does to her is what McCartney does to Wozniacki, although this time it’s about 10 times worse :-P. I think she would look best in Fila, it’s a brand for the bigger girls. But adidas with its classic lines would also look nice on her.

  4. Mg, the biggest problem about these outfits is not the outfits themselves but the choice of Nadia to sport them! 😛 As Marine says, Nadia would look best in Fila, or maybe adidas Barricade.

    Migi, I don’t know, we’ll see pretty soon. Maybe she will wear EleVen! 🙂 Remember that she wore it a few times? 🙂

    Sarah, as I said to Mg, I don’t think the outfits themselves are so bad (except the rainbow one! :P), but they are not suited for Nadia’s body.

  5. Ahahah… Poor Nadia! has been a while that the press teases her about that clothes, the worst is definitely the one with the rainbow effect 😛
    I don’t understand these excesses in the design, partly because the Ellesse’s outfits are of good quality, maybe they try not to spend too much unnoticed…

  6. I think Marion Bartoli should have a talk with Nike as well. Putting her in the same outfit as Maria Sharapova was silly, and even looked worse when when they were playing each other.


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