Serena Williams retires again!

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Serena Williams‘ awe-inspiring comeback has suffered a shocking setback – the champion’s 12-match winning streak has been cut short by a retirement! It might be Serena’s tactical decision to prevent her from exhaustion or injuries ahead of the US Open, but it still is disappointing that her string of victories is ending in such a way. Serena retired with a right toe injury prior to her second-round match against Samantha Stosur at the Western & Southern Open.

After almost a year away with injuries and illness, Serena returned like a storm, winning Stanford and Toronto and following it up with a victory against Lucie Gradecka in the first round of Cincinnati this week. (photo courtesy of FIJI Water)


  1. I think it is tactics…but I think it was wrong to play cincinnati she should have known that while doing her schedule that it is exhausting to play 3 weeks in a row before the us open

  2. Hmmm, here we go, the conspiracy theories. Look if you saw the match yesterday, it was clear that something was wrong, considering the gravity of her foot issues with two surgeries, playing on hard courts that is so unforgiving, who am I to question her decision. I just hope Secondly, she’s up to par for the US Open, and Firstly, that she get better health wise, anyway.

  3. Ho Hum, here goes the conspiracy theories again. Look, it clear that something was clearly wrong with Serena in yesterday match. I just hope she will be able to fully compete in the US Open.

  4. Personally I thought it was a certainty that she would either pull out, or contrive to lose, this week.

    She’s had 2 solid weeks of tennis, won 2 tournaments and got herself match fit. Cincinnati was irrelevant after that, even more so with her friend Kim Kardashian getting married this Saturday 😉 Was obvious she’d be at the wedding, which meant she couldn’t still be in the tournament by then 😉

  5. everybody could see that she was exhausted and she did the right thing to withdraw.I hope she brings her unbeaten form to NY.

  6. It bugs me that when Serena has an injury many assume she is faking. Even though she’s had one of the worst seasons in terms of injuries. No other player on tour has their injuries and illnesses second guessed as much as Serena does.


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