Wozniacki loses to McHale, second straight opening match defeat

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Caroline Wozniacki’s form ahead of the US Open is becoming worrying – the Dane suffered her second straight loss in an opening match and not even the presence of her rumored boyfriend Rory McIlroy did her good today against Christina McHale, an American ranked 75 placed below her.

In the second round of the Western & Southern Open, McHale broke Wozniacki’s poor serve five times during the two-set encounter which finished 6-4 7-5. Last week at Toronto Wozniacki lost her opening match against Roberta Vinci with the same score.

The world No.1 has lost only 12 matches this season, but early exists have piled up recently, including her retirement against Sofia Arvidsson in the second round of Bastad last month. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. What the hell is Wozniacki doing? If she is injured, she should stop playing and get healthy; if not, she has some serious problem with motivation, somehow just in time when Serena is returning.If she doesn’t get herself together, it will be pretty pathetic to watch.How sad for WTA is to see a almost veteran after a long break returning quite easily to throne, because no one else is match to her.(I do seriously believe Serena will win US open, but who knows, maybe I am wrong?)
    Don’t get me wrong, Serena is a great champion with all-round game,but her victorious come-back means one- there are no new champions being made.Kimmy is playing too little, and Maria is always around these days,but can’t get the top.

  2. Mg, the thing you said ” somehow just in time when Serena is returning” it also crossed my mind. Wozniacki is not a fragile personality, but I think that Serena’s return has at least a little bit to do with Wozniacki’s poor performance. 😛

  3. No doubt that Caro is in a real slump atm, she has no chance at all of winning the USO.

    McHale played a very good, very smart, match. Played Caro at her own game at times, kept getting the ball back and waited for her to make the mistake.

    I just hope that the US media don’t go overboard with McHale like they did with Oudin! Yes, she’s a decent player but no, she’s no star yet and doesn’t need the media building her up into one and putting unrealistic pressure/expectation on her.

  4. I think Caro’s game has been completely read right now, and if she doesn’t change something, she will not remain no. 1 for too long. Add injury, new boyfriend, and it seems God-knows-why lack of motivation, and there is a slapping no. 1. Is it possible she is already fed-up with tennis? In her recent matches she played with no fire, which is a shame, although she is no.1 she still has a lot to prove.

  5. She needs to hit the ball with a little more zip. I understand she is not a power player but you can’t just hit the ball back to the middle of the court and expect to win a lot of points. If she can’t use power then at least learn to hit down the line more to open up the court.

  6. I think little Miss Sunshine is beginning to cloud over with the pressure of not winning a Slam, her father being criticized for not coaching her correctly, her high profile contract with adidas and Stella McCartney and also the many distractions of being number 1, but not performing like number 1. Now she’s losing a little confidence as well. The good news for Caroline is the New Haven tournament is next – the one where she says she feels like home and she always wins!


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