Father Piotr no longer coaching Caroline Wozniacki


Caroline Wozniacki is suffering an obvious slump of form and now we know that the reason is most probably that she is no longer being coached by her father, Piotr. He is not her main coach any more, but he shows up as a supplementary coach when needed. In an interview for a Danish media outlet Ekstra Bladet, Piotr didn’t want to reveal the name of Caroline’s new head coach.

The father-daughter cooperation ended after Wimbledon. The reason behind it could be that Caroline is trying to change her overly defensive style of play and add more aggression. Of course, her father will stay by her side, it’s just that he will be less present as a coach.

This piece of news is still fresh, we will surely get more details soon. (photo by our reader Tony)


  1. Really hope that Caro doesnt pull an Ana on us and spend years trying to get back to a decent playing level.

  2. I think this is a good decision. His coaching skills worked great for some time, but not anymore. Caro’s problem is that she simply doesn’t hit ball so hard, as an attacker she is an average player, her defensive game brought to her no. 1, but it won’t bring her Slams. I think she needs to work more on her shots’ angles and lenght, move her opponents more. Running around and just returning the ball won’t get her far. We’ll see what happens.I’m not her fan, but i would be very disappointed if she’d turn into other recent no.1’s.

  3. I think a new coach will be good for Caro, however according to Wozniackis manager, John Tobias, her father is still head coach until the end of US Open, after which her new coach will be revealed.

  4. Harriet, thanks for that. 😉 So in mid-September everything will be made public.

    From what I read at ESPN today, Piotr is still her main coach and the new one, still of hidden identity, has been acting as a supplementary coach.


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