Serena Williams appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

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While the talks of Serena Williamsoutrage in the US Open final are still very much alive, and while a portion of the public believes her behavior is setting a bad example for the young tennis lovers, the American champion is appointed UNICEF’s international Goodwill Ambassador especially dedicated to helping children.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake welcomed Serena to the family by saying: “Serena Williams isn’t just a world tennis champion, she is a champion for children”.

The 13-time Grand Slam singles titlist will use her popularity to support UNICEF’s mission to provide good education for vulnerable children through the Schools for Africa program and the upcoming Schools for Asia initiatives.

Williams’ first work with UNICEF was in Ghana in 2006. Also, along with the Hewlett Packard company, Serena opened a school in Matooni, Kenya in 2008.


  1. congractulation serenaaaaaaaa :):) it demonstrate that serena is not a simple tennis players she is a sport icon … she loves helping children and now with the combination of serena & unicef it’s a big fortune to be offred to children … love u serena XoXoxo

  2. Congrats Serena its unfortunate that people spend so much time passing judgement. In the real scheme of things the US Open came & went. Its old news. Being a real example for children is the way any of us work to enhance children lives, in real ways, creating opportunities for children to improve their daily lives. Serena’s continued work improving the lives of children carry more weight, than pumping up herself up in a tennis match.

  3. Very smart PR move on Serena’s side but what was Unicef thinking? They must not watch US Opens or really need money!


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