Jelena Dokic back in Serbia, reconciles with father

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After all the drama that had happened, it comes as a surprise that Jelena Dokic and her father Damir are again in good relations and he will even coach her, alongside another coach, a woman from Tennis Australia. Damir believes that women’s tennis is weak right now, which offers an ideal opportunity for his daughter to get back to the top.

The former world No.4 Dokic is in Serbia after a long period of deliberation (about two years), enjoying her settled private and professional life. Time heals all wounds, and after a lot of family talks, Jelena’s relationship with father Damir is better than ever, and a great week is behind them now. Dokic’s priorities in life come in this order: family, health and tennis.

“In order to be successful in career, any career, you have to have a settled private life, which has finally happened to me,” said the Australian, who has a great desire to enrich her tennis résumé.

Dokic’s goal is to finish 2012 in Top 20, while her long-term goal is to reach the Top 10 and play a Grand Slam final. The 28-year-old is encouraged by the trend of Grand Slam finals being won by more experienced, older players.

Next tournament for Dokic is the Generali Ladies Linz, which starts October 10.

Here you can watch Dokic’s interview in Serbian. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. It’s definitely good news that that happened. From now on, as far as I heard she will be training in Serbia and Austria. Her brother-who I know from school- was the organizer of this reconciliation.

    Another interesting piece of information is that Belgrade might be hosting a WTA even next year. Whether it will really happen, or they are just getting our hopes high, we will see next year!

  2. I on the other hand this this a bad decision on Jelena’s behalf. Damir, to be honest, ruined her career, she could have achieved so much but was denied mainly from the abuse she suffered.

    I hope this can somehow be positive for her…although struggling to see how it possibly could be.

  3. Bb, you mean Serbia and Australia? 😉 Yeah, her brother Sava was the main organizer.

    Yeah, I also read about the WTA event yesterday, I just didn’t have time to write it on my blog as well. I will in a couple of hours.

    Sam, she should know best. If she says she’s never felt better, I suppose it will positively affect her tennis as well.


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