Andrea Petkovic would rather be a drummer than a tennis player

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Andrea Petkovic, or better said Petkorazzi, released a new video on YouTube revealing five things we didn’t know about her. The clip is hilarious and even though I will tell you what Petkorazzi’s secret five things are, you have to watch how she illustrated them.

Here are Petkovic’s untold abilities/disabilities, embarrassing things from the past, weaknesses and dreams:

  1. Can sing an entire Tarkan song
  2. Doesn’t like golf because she sucks at it
  3. Used to adore the Backstreet Boys
  4. Would rather be a drummer in a rock band than a tennis player
  5. Has a weakness for pretty boys

The world No.10 Petkovic failed to win her maiden Premier WTA title this month in Beijing. Her next tournament are the year-end Championships in Istanbul, where she’s an alternate. She was supposed to play this week’s Luxembourg but her knee is not perfectly healthy.


  1. then why is she a tennis player? i don’t think that’s something you should say considering you have a lot of tennis fans, but that is just me.

  2. Maisee, well she would like to try out to be a drummer if an opportunity arises, I think all of us have many aspirations and not all of them can be realized at the same time.

    Karunya, oh thanks for noting. I wanted to write maiden Premier title! Corrected. 😉 Btw, Petkovic won two titles – Strasbourg this year and Bad Gastein in 2009.


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