Unforgettable tennis tales: When an early morning match led to an unexpected “makeout” on court


Retired German tennis player Andrea Petkovic recently shared a favorite memory from her career that proves just how unpredictable and amusing tennis can be. In a recent tweet, she recounted an unforgettable encounter with Argentina’s Gisela Dulko that resulted in an accidental, on-court “makeout” session, leaving everyone bewildered.

Andrea Petkovic

In her tweet, the former world No.9 Petkovic nostalgically recalled a delightful tennis memory, which unfolded during a match against Dulko in Tokyo in 2010. Unforeseen circumstances, including rain delay, led to their match being rescheduled to 10 am, a peculiar time for tennis. With only three audience members present, the stage was set for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

As the match reached its conclusion, Petkovic and Dulko engaged in the customary post-match handshake. However, what happened next was far from the usual formalities. While Dulko went for an air kiss on the cheek, Petkovic instinctively went for a hug. In a comical twist of fate, their actions collided, resulting in an accidental “makeout” on the court.

“So, not at all impressed by the narrative WTA handshakes are cold,” Petkovic concluded in her tweet. “You just have to show up at 10 am.”


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