Andrea Petkovic’s enchanting Parisian adventures: From wine in water glasses to mysterious French skincare, discover the City of Love through her eyes


Retired German tennis star Andrea Petkovic is in Paris, soaking in the atmosphere of the city and fueling her creative power. Sharing a dreamy selfie from the streets of the French capital on Instagram, Petkovic revealed a captivating list of her favorite things about the City of Love. Join us as we delve into the German’s enchanting experiences and discover the charm of Paris through her eyes.


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Things I love about Paris:

  1. When they serve wine in small water glasses because wine is fancy water;
  2. The way the hair flies up over the forehead when Parisians do that certain blowing thing with their mouth when they are incredulous;
  3. Almond chocolate croissants and how they are underrated and never sold out in boulangeries;
  4. French pharmacy skincare that makes me break out because I plaster everything on all at once from sheer overexcitement;
  5. Paris in May: When the days are hot and the nights are cool, just like that one dude in your life.

Adding to the playful banter, Petkovic’s long-time boyfriend, Jesse Kotansky, couldn’t help but join in the fun. In the comments section, he complemented his girlfriend’s talent to express herself, exclaiming, “Amazing writing,” accompanied by a flurry of laughing emojis. The tennis star replied with a red heart emoji.

Intrigued by Petkovic’s French pharmacy skincare routine, one curious commenter couldn’t help but ask for more details. However, the former WTA player playfully advised them to reconsider, saying, “You don’t know what you have just gotten yourself into! I need three dinners to talk skincare!”


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