Andrea Petkovic enjoys artsy lifestyle with musician Jesse Kotansky

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It’s about time I share with you info about Andrea Petkovic‘s relationship with musician Jesse Kotansky, as part of my WTA Players and their Love Partners series.

Thanks to our reader Sebbi and my own research I can tell you that Andrea started dating Jesse probably in the period after the 2018 US Open, at least that’s when we saw their first social media interactions.

As we can notice from Jesse’s social media, he likes art, chunky rings, bold tattoos, and an overall dreamy, artistic lifestyle.

Even though his Instagram bio simply reads “bad influencer”, he’s actually a NY-based musician, more precisely a violinist, who has bridged many worlds of music as a professional recording artist and performer with Aerosmith, David Bowie, Billy Gibbons, and others.

Andrea plays tennis for Germany, but she’s from the Balkans (born in Bosnia and Herzegovina to a Serbian father and Bosniak mother) and that’s one of the connections she and her boyfriend have, since he grew up surrounded by Balkan music and dance due to his parents being folk dance instructors.

Jesse is the founder of the New York-based Balkan project Which Way East, as well as the co-founder of the indie-rock band Walking Shapes.

Andrea and Jesse don’t post photos of them together on Instagram yet, but we can conclude that their most recent joint trip was Budapest, as both have pics from the city on their profiles. Also, Jesse revealed that the Hungarian capital got his parents together.



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