What? Serena Williams gets a panic attack? Locks herself up in a room?

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As Tennis Served Fresh reports the news from TMZ, Serena Williams‘ assistant suspected a possible burglar of a person from an unspecified tennis association coming to test Serena for drugs and the tennis star got so scared that she fled “to a panic room inside her LA mansion”. Serena has a panic room, if I understand well?

The assistant saw the suspected intruder on security cameras and called 911 around 6 am last Wednesday. When police came, they realized it was a false alarm.

It’s strange that Serena’s representatives are not making any comments and it’s even more awkward that Serena’s made no mention of the scary experience on Twitter.


  1. What is the most ridiculous? That she has a panic room or she freaked out at 6am? I doubt that it’s the first morning control of her life. The only plausible explanation is that she probably wanted to skip the control…

  2. Gregoire, it’s not so strange that someone freaks out when a person comes to their home uninvited at 6 am. I think it’s unbelievable that she has a panic room haha.

  3. I don’t think that being awaken early in the morning is totally unexpected. Novak Djokovic was also awaken like that, and he didn’t complain. I don’t see why Serena had to react the way she did.

  4. Weird reaction, sure she had (?) such controls before. Maybe the person did not show her any identification or maybe she is just a bit silly.

  5. Serena has a history with stalkers and the most recent was this year when the stalker was caught loitering in her gated community.He was convicted…sometime this year… of course Mariya has conveniently left that out..


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