Fashion retrospection: Adidas by Stella McCartney clothes for world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki in 2011


Let’s kick-off the 2011 retrospections of WTA players’ outfits with world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki. We’ve followed the Dane since her days with Adidas Adilibria in 2009 and closely throughout her cooperation with Adidas by Stella McCartney which was launched at the 2009 US Open.

Once again Wozniacki finished the year No.1 and we got to see her on the courts a lot, but the variety of her outfits wasn’t wide. Wozniacki played 22 tournaments in 2011, won six of them (Dubai, Indian Wells, Charleston, Brussels, Copenhagen, New Haven), and all her new outfits were either blueprint, white or coral (or some combination of the three colors). A refreshment came only at the end of the season with a light yellow shade of a beautifully-designed dress. Also, notice that at three Grand Slams she wore a white dress!

The 21-year-old started the year in Sydney with last year’s yellow top contrasting a dark skirt. At the Australian Open she sported a white ballerina dress.

In Dubai and Doha Wozniacki wore a white skirt and a coral top. Long-sleeves were there as well.

The blueprint ruffle dress was introduced during the Indian Wells. In my opinion, the dress is nice, but the ruffles, supposedly its highlight, are spoiling it.

For Charleston, Stuttgart and Madrid, Wozniacki recycled the coral top and switched the color of the skirt from white to blueprint, and later she returned to the white skirt. Oh well.

And just when you thought we’ve had enough repetition, for the French Open and Wozniacki’s home tournament of Copenhagen, where the Dane has remained undefeated, the Dane wore the ruffle dress she had already showcased during Miami and Indian Wells. The regular Adidas line was much more innovative.

And no, that wasn’t enough, the same dress was in the game for Wimbledon, Bastad and Cincinnati, just in white.

More white and blueprint at Toronto and New Haven.

At the US Open, which is the most colorful Grand Slam, the best place for tennis fashion, Wozniacki wore a white dress. Even though the dress itself is nice, why white? The other WTA players and their clothing sponsors used the US Open stage much better.

At the US Open Wozniacki should’ve opted for the yellow version of the dress, which was in my opinion the best Stella piece in 2011.

In 2011 Stella did abandon the light gray, which was overly present in 2010, but she continued the contrasts, introduced at the US Open 2010 and what was dark gray last year got replaced by the blueprint, pretty much a similar color. Conclusion: not many novelties.

What do you think? How do you like the Stella McCartney clothes on Wozniacki? I’m still not feeling how Stella’s designs work on Wozniacki and although the neutral colors with occasional vibrant contrasts have always been Stella’s trademark in tennis and I admired that style, I think it’s time for a new trend, and the light yellow dress represented at the end of the season is the right direction, in my opinion.

I’m not criticizing either Stella or Wozniacki, I just think that that extra something, which they are both capable of achieving, is still missing in their fashion bond. (photos: © Neal Trousdale, Tidalist, Johan Rivera, Tony, sr_cranks, Apricot Cafe)


  1. Yeah! A Fashion Retrospection! 🙂

    Yup, it was a disappointing Stella season… I think we all agree (?)

    There’s one thing I don’t understand.. the “bra”-thingee on the white and yellow US-open dress.. why would they keep that in the dresses sold in stores, but leave it out in the dresses of Wozniacki? I like the yellow dress very much, but I don’t like this bra-collar… if only it were the same as Wozniacki’s 🙂

    Hopefully Stella’s 2012 season gets better!

  2. All of the clothes are lovely, just the colours are dull! Hopefully she will wear the red Adidas dress next year NOT the white version

  3. I’ve always thought the ADIDAS by Stella McCartney line was boring. However, it looked better on Kirilenko. Wozniacki’s outfits match her game…boring.

  4. everyone knows that this collection works so much better on kirilenko! Although I really like the ballerina dress, and the yellow one..
    But caroline’s best outfit was the one that she used in new haven, with the white tank, the orange bra and the blue skirt! looks good on her and was cool!

  5. I love all the Stella’s designs for adidas, they’re so feminine and high-fashion, but I just don’t think they work on Caro’s body so well, she looked better in regular Adidas. And i also don’t understand why are they dressing her in one same collection from AO to US open, that’s like 3/4 of the season! Other than that, I like all the designs, although ruffles are a bit strange. My favourite is the light yellow dress. Oh, and Marija, Caro wore the (probably better) pink version of her AO dress at exhibition with Kim. 🙂

  6. I am not a fan of Stella’s collection. I think the colours are quite dull, the designs are not very interesting and they do not work very well on Caroline.

    I think the Adilibria line is much better.
    Stella McCartney designs lack imagination.

  7. Liz, I somehow don’t feel that Stella was disappointing, and neither was Caroline, it’s just that they do not click. About the bra, I actually like how it looks on the dress. I suppose you can take it off, can’t you?

    Mirjana, I covered only the tournaments from the calendar. I like white, but for three of the four Grand Slams?!

  8. Her yellow dress was pretty, but overall the designs were a bit boring. I think she looks better in tops and skirts rather than dresses. She looked the nicest at the beginning of the year in yellow and navy. Hopefully next year there will be more colour!

  9. Marija, as I saw it on pictures of the back, it looked as if the zipper went all up.. so it didn’t look as if it could be taken off..

  10. Liz, I had a closer look and I think you’re right. Although, it is strange that they made a different dress just for Caroline. However, I do like the full version.

  11. Yes I have to agree – it’s not been a great year for Stella and Caroline’s tennis fashion collaboration. The fact that you can still buy a lot of the clothing in December tells it’s own story. Caroline’s harder to design for than Maria, and Stella has not found the perfect match this year, though I did like the very short blue dress last year. Also, I agree Caroline needs a change of outfit with the change of season, as the other adidas women like Ana Ivanovic get routinely.


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