Adidas dresses for Ana Ivanovic’s Australian Open and Roland Garros 2013


Just like every year, during the time we are looking back at the outfits of the season behind us, images of new tennis designs are hitting the web. Thanks to Marine of Tennis Notebook I found the Adidas dresses intended for Ana Ivanovic’s first half of the 2013 season.

Yellow will be present in Adidas clothes for Ivanovic all through to spring. Above you can see the Australian Open dress, yellow with grey details, while for Roland Garros the dominant color will be blue, with yellow details.

I am a faithful Adidas fan, but this is one of their least inspiring looks, in my opinion. The combination of sky blue and yellow is too unimaginative for my taste and the diagonal lines on the bottom are far from a style statement. What do you think?

Here you can remind yourselves of all the outfits at Australian Open 2012 and Roland Garros 2012, including Ana Ivanovic’s dresses. I loved those colors, especially the interesting combination of light green and red for Ivanovic’s Roland Garros appearance. (images via Tennis Forum)


  1. I just hate them. First of all because of the colors: the yellow/grey dress isn’t a springish combination nor is the sky blue/yellow for summer…
    I don’t like the seem on the hips, this breaks the design imo, but shouldn’t be necessary because of the shape of the bottom….

    And most of all: I don’t think this design will fit Ana or Daniela, who also wears the Ivanovic dresses…

    Too bad. Let’s hope the other brands have more inspiring ideas for 2013 🙂

  2. I don’t have anything special against the design, it’s simple and nice, and the bottoms shades of colors are interesting, but i don’t think it will, like Liz said, look that good on Ana and Daniela, especially the hip region. But, oh well, it’s not bad. 😀

  3. I think it is time for Adidas to hire a new designer, they have produced the most drab dresses for the world’s most beautiful player for the past thee years. Either that or Ana should choose an alternative sponsor.

  4. Ana is the most beautiful player on the tour, and most of her dresses have been pretty spectacular to date. I’m afraid the grey and yellow dress for 2013 is a miss, however. I’m surprised about the choice of grey, which will add none of the contrast we’ve grown used to seeing in her appearances. Now the sky blue and yellow is a different story. I love it and I want! She’ll be a knockout in it.

  5. I know that you always looks awesome and great in every dress you wear and you make the dress more beautiful whether its design is not good at all.But this time i hate the yellow colour design and i like blue.All the best for 2013.

  6. Whatever you think of these dresses, they are a million times better than the matronly stuff Adidas designs for Wozniacki- thanks to Stella McCartney, whose pedigree is a lot better than her tennis fashions. Both of these young women are beautiful, but Ana has the better build and can wear almost anything. Caro can look big and bulky at times, which is accentuated by her Adidas dresses.

  7. Jeanius, I wouldn’t be that harsh on Stella. Her designs for tennis have not been the greatest in the past two years, but there have been some beautiful peaces, like the 2012 fall clothes for example.

  8. Hmm, I do think that the Maria dress is more beautiful than Ana’s, but it’s not that special.

    Thanks for the link!

  9. I think for the most part the Adidas dresses for Ana are styled very well. The Adidas fabric for their dresses and skirts are far more comfortable than Nike dresses (Sharapova’s). I love how they are not frilly but consistantly sporty yet feminine. I agree and do think they could of put more thought to the colors for these dresses and compared to many other dresses that Ana has worn to represent Adidas in the past, these colors are a bit boring. But she looks great in anything so I know she will be able to pull this off.


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