Alisa Kleybanova will try to return to the WTA Tour in 2013

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Alisa Kleybanova survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer, that crept into her life when she was just 21, at the peak of her tennis career, in the year she cracked the Top 20. The Russian was receiving treatment in Italy and was not playing tournaments since Rome in May 2011 until Miami in March 2012. On her return, she did win one match in Miami, but her comeback was just as long, as she realized that it was too early to get back to competitive tennis. Her health was not questionable, but she needed more stamina to keep up with the demanding matches. Now the 23-year-old Russian has told that she will attempt another return in February or March 2013. She’s still not able to train every day, but her fitness is improving. Good luck, Alisa! (photo: Johan Rivera)


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