Sneak peek at Caroline Wozniacki’s dresses for Australian Open and Roland Garros 2013

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Thanks to Twitter user Isabela Santos, we get to see these early images of Adidas by Stella McCartney designs that Caroline Wozniacki will wear at the Grand Slam stages in the first half of the upcoming 2013 season.

Just a few days ago I overviewed all the outfits the Dane sported during 2012 and I drew attention to Stella’s introduction of bright colors, predominantly yellow and red. As you can see, that trend is going to continue, as at the 2013 Australian Open Wozniacki will wear the above yellow and white dress. The blue version is for Roland Garros. Like it?

Notice how the color palette is similar to the new regular Adidas collection: yellow, blue, gray and white. Compare the 2013 Adidas dresses for Ana Ivanovic.

By the way, Stella is now the fashion designer behind the entire Adidas Barricade line. Above you can see the tanks and skirts. What do you think? Hasn’t Barricade seen better days?

There’s nothing I like much about these clothes, even though I’m a fan of Adidas by Stella McCartney. This time the colors are off, the designs are also not flattering and the novelty of the straps is far from impressive.


  1. What is the name of the adidas line that has short sleeved shirt skirt? You know the kind that Justine Henin used to wear? I think Laura Robson is wearing that line now. I have a feeling these designs and colours may look better if they were a two-piece shirt skirt.

  2. These are a step backward for Caroline to the very unflattering designs typical of Stella McCartney. These designs are not right for her somewhat bulky build and will emphasize the wrong things and make her look bigger. I really wish Caro would find a new designer. As for the colors, the blue is nice, but the yellow will wash her out.

  3. @ jean
    I totally agree with you. The newest collection will emphasize what should be hidden instead. The colours are OK, however the desings…oh well, it’s Stella in the end of the day:-(

    Looking at this I’m pretty sure that Barricade designs will no longer be as good as before.

  4. I think the whole Adidas range was at it’s peak in 2008/2009. Since then it’s almost as if there’s been something missing. Stella McCartney’s designs have improved in terms of the colours but that’s about it. I think Caroline used to look a lot better on court when she wore Adilibria.

  5. I’m sorry but the dresses look hideous, specially on a curvier girl like Wozniacki. I can only imagine even Masha won’t look good in these things.

    I prefer the ones Ana and Daniela wear circa 2010 – 2012. These Stella Mcartney designs are way off the mark for me.

  6. I like the idea of simple and comfortable. In many instances, as long as people avoid extremes in dress, then they can get along just fine in most of today’s work environments.Looking forward to the next!

  7. I absolutely HATE Stella McCartney clothes. Color, desing – everything is wrong with those clothes. I like Adidas, it’s the brand I usualy chose for myself, but have yet to see anything – clothes, accessories – from Stella that I would like to buy. And as much as I like Caro, I absolutely hate the way she looks in those outfits. Adizero, Response, Barricade by Adidas are SO MUCH better than anything that Stelly ever made.
    And those particular outfits? If find them little strange, especially the white-grey-yellow one. Few months ago I bought myself an Adidas top (and definitely not a Stella one!) which is almost identical as the top of that outfit. Same desing, same colors… Lacking new ideas, Stella?

  8. Maggie, Adidas is still my favorite brand, including Stella. She has had quite a few misses, but when she makes something good it’s extraordinary. From her fall collection, for example, I love the blue tank and the matching color-block skirt. The blue Tennis Performance bra is also awesome.

  9. I think that Stella is not good when it comes to anything sporty. Her designs and patterns are from other type of clothing, something more elegant or casual, which shows on her sport collection,too. Some of the pieces are nice but overall I prefer other designers.

  10. Yuk! for the designs. I thought designers were supposed to make people look attractive as well as allowing them to be comfortable for whatever activity they are involved in. Feeling good about the way you look on court should have a positive effect on your play. I can’t believe Sharapova would wear this stuff. She has too much pride.


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