Pedicure infection forces Azarenka to withdraw from Brisbane semifinals


Awaiting Serena Williams in the Brisbane International semifinals, Victoria Azarenka had a lot to fear, considering her 0-5 record against the American in 2012 and 1-11 all time, but her bigger enemy turned out to be a bad pedicure. Her big toe got infected so much that it was too painful to move and she had to withdraw from the tournament half an hour before her semifinal was scheduled to start.

Azarenka has struggled with the problem for about ten days. Eventually, she had to have a part of her right toe nail removed and she didn’t have enough time to recover for the semifinal, plus, she didn’t want to endanger her title defense at the Australian Open.

Serena is now through to the final of the Premier-level Brisbane International, where she will face Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who stopped lucky loser Lesia Tsurenko, first-time WTA semifinalist, with a 4-6 6-1 6-2 win. Serena has won 51 of her last 53 matches! Plus, she’s 3-0 against Pavlyuchenkova. (photo: sr_cranks)

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  1. I’m with conspiracy theories but I knew that Serena would be in the Finals of Brisbane. The shock is Pavlyuchenkova making to the finals for me. I knew that she play great game the one match I saw her against Kvitova. Didn’t think that her getting to final was possible but I guess once Sharapova was out it was open bracket.

  2. May be Azarenka really did not want aggravating that injury. However, I have a feeling that Azarenka did not want to face Serena before the Aussie Open. May be I am wrong, but that is what I feel.

  3. Omair I agree with you about not wanting to aggravate whatever injury ales her. But this reason is quite funny. On a side note and this is to all females and a serious question. Why do you feel need the need to make your toes all pretty they are in socks and shoes most of time where men can’t see them? Can someone help me understand that.

  4. Who says that a pedicure, or indeed any action by a woman is designed to illicit attention from a male?? Maybe she finds it relaxing to have a pedicure, maybe she likes the look of it….. Or just maybe, it has nothing to do with garnering male attention whatsoever

  5. I hate to spoil the party going on, but the ‘beauty-treatment’ in question was not meant to seduce men, but to correct the problem of a nail growing into the flesh… Funny that an Azarenka-disliker has to defend her against uninformed dabblers in ‘psychology’, isn’t it.

  6. Actually, this summer I had a pedicure infection. It was not so bad that I couldn’t walk, but I treated it within 24 hrs of noticing the problem. A week after my pedicure, my toe got infected for some reason – probably it wasn’t the pedicure that was bad, but the fact that my nails were still a bit sore from the pedicure and it was too hot outside. I had to take antibiotics for a week and had to have my nail cleaned and clipped a bit more.

    BTW, many people, including me, don’t do pedicure for aesthetic reasons only.

  7. Hmm,now it sounds quite serious. I was suspicious because Azarenka does have the highest rate of withdrawals out of top players as per info I read on other tennis blog.

  8. I’m telling you my experience. It’s not that serious, but it can spread seriously if you don’t treat it on time.


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