Fila and Sharapova Nike for the start of 2013


We’ve already had a glimpse at Stella McCartney’s dress for Caroline Wozniacki’s Australian Open campaign and we’ve seen the Adidas dress intended for Ana Ivanovic, Daniela Hantuchova and others wearing the line, so now that we found the pictures of the Nike dress Maria Sharapova will most probably wear at the upcoming Australian Open and a new Fila dress, we can’t help but notice that everything is yellow!

I can’t believe it, but just like Adidas, the color combination of Maria Sharapova’s rumored Nike dress is yellow and grey. Here you can see the rest of the collection, including separates and other colors.

Fila went for bright yellow with huge open back and a black bra showing completely. Will this provocative Baseline Cami Dress be worn by Jelena Jankovic and Julia Goerges, the new addition to the Fila team?

Below the cut you can see how the Adidas dresses we showed you last month are looking on Wozniacki and Ivanovic.

(source: The Slice)


  1. Wow… There will be too much yellow this year at AO. Maria’s dress is nice, but nothing special, and i’m getting pretty bored by that design around the chest area. As for Fila dress, pretty from the front, but the back is way too much, doesn’t look pretty.

  2. I think it’s a nice reminder to point out that Maria was inspired by the sun when creating the Aussie Open Dress. Because of that, I think they did a good job showing the “sunny” detailing. It’ll compliment Maria’s hair, too. I don’t understand why Fila is yellow, either. I guess it’s like buying a new red car and driving by someone with the same new red car.

  3. I’m disappointed in Sharapova’s designs. They’re basically the same as what she wore post-US last season. I know there’s financial difficulties or whatever; but Maria’s brand prides itself on trying to be original (maybe not always from other designs) but from within itself. So items that appear once, don’t appear again soon afterwards…

  4. Agree with Mirjana that the design detail at the bust is getting a little old, but the strap details are really prettty and set off Maria’s beautiful shoulders really well. I might consider buying it for myself this year!


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