Elena Vesnina claims first career WTA title in Hobart


More than ten years after turning pro, Russian world No.68 Elena Vesnina managed to win her maiden WTA title in her seventh career final that happened at the Moorilla Hobart International against German defending champion Mona Barthel.

“It finally worked out for me. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” said the 26-year-old Vesnina, whose trophies had been restricted to doubles competition, winning eight doubles titles and reaching the ranking of No.7.

Actually, Vesnina can pride herself on the highest singles ranking of No.22 and she’s been a well-known name in the tennis world for years, but somehow going all the way to the singles title used to be out of her reach. Now she can finally be at piece.

Before beating Barthel 6-3 6-4 in the Hobart final, Vesnina went past Silvia Soler-Espinosa in the first round, fourth seed Yaroslava Shvedova in the second, Jarmila Gajdosova in the quarters and eighth seed Sloane Stephens in the semifinals.

Barthel will now crack the Top 30. I’d like to mention that Barthel’s on-court clothes are designs of Denise Cronwall and the dress you can see below the cut is from the 2013 collection. I really admire Denise’s work and soon she should send me a bunch of clothing items, both old and new, for review! 😉

(photos: © Neal Trousdale, Denise Cronwall)


  1. Marija, you have just answered the question I’ve been asking myself throughout the week, which was: where do the fresh and unusual designs Mona wears come from, since there is no logo on them to be seen (which is, considering the style, only right, methinks). And how fitting that they are worn by a fresh and unusual player!

  2. Tulp, I’m glad I answered your week-long question 🙂 I’ve been in touch with Denise for a few months and I’m not sure, but I think that Mona is now officially wearing her designs.

    Dxanato, yes, Camila Giorgi did wear Denise! And she looked stunning in her clothes, especially at last year’s Wimbledon. She wore that white lace dress.

  3. Tulp, the dress with petals that Barthel wore in the final is not Denise’s dress. I asked Denise on Facebook whether it was her design and she responded: “No, that dress is her own creation. She designed and sewed it herself.”

  4. Thanks, Marija, and I’ll add to the story: First I thought all of those dresses were done by herself and/or some friend (like in Aravane’s case, for instance). I also thought that the one for the final was stylistically different, and liked it very much, the cut and the colours (in spite of perhaps there being a petal or two too much). All in all, Mona is… well, just what her name suggests.
    P.S. By the way, have you seen Lotto’s red-and-white design on Urszula and Franceska last night? It’s simply wonderful, methinks. Pity they’re both out, but perhaps others will wear it too (like Urszula’s big sis?).

  5. Tulp, the Lotto outfit you mentioned is too plain for my taste. Really nothing special. Agnieszka is wearing it! 🙂

  6. Oh, well, Marija, De gustibus non est disputandum. But let me ad that the plainness, freshness and cleanliness of it is just what I like – that, and the delicate echo of, believe it or not, Jugendstil geometric designs, if you can see it. (The latter, alas, being badly disturbed by that stupid car-advertisement on A.’s chest, by the way.) Cheers.

  7. Tulp, Lotto is yet to make an outfit that I would call my favorite. I’m quite mainstream: Adidas, Nike, and then Fila. 🙂


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