Serena endorses Australian underwear Berlei


Ever since her mother Oracene introduced her to the Australian underwear brand Berlei, Serena Williams has been their faithful customer and now she’s become their ambassador. Their sports bras have been one of Serena’s best clothing discoveries and she’s been wearing exclusively them underneath her Nike apparel for eight years, as the “first bra she’s seen that’s made for real breasts”.

Apparently, Nike doesn’t mind that Serena finds Berlei bras more suitable than theirs, actually, Nike dyes them to match their outfits. Now she will join the development process to help create personalized high-performance bras to match her tennis dresses.

Another WTA star is the face of an underwear brand – Caroline Wozniacki for Danish JBS – while some players prefer to be underwear-free, like Marta Domachowska for the February 2013 cover of Polish Playboy. (source: The Slice)


  1. serena look stunnig 🙂 i wish her a speedy recovery from all the injuries that she suffered in the australian open ..

  2. She’s my all time favourite tennis star. She’s hot and very professional player. Also looks good in Australian underwear.


    Victoria Azarenka

  3. For years, I wondered what kind of bra she was wearing as it worked so well on her. I am glad she decided to share the information!

  4. same as sabey, I am grateful for Serena and you Marija for the information. Finding a good bra is a nightmare and a good sport bra is bordering on impossible… I’ve always thought that Serena wore Nike’s bra, but after trying them I’ve told myself that maybe they’re doing some special bra just for her or either I didn’t find the right model. Now the mystery is solved, I’m so going to try this Berlei thing out 😀

  5. on a completely unrelated note: Marion Bartoli’s back to french Fed Cup team and without her father:) (seems like miracles can happen after all…)

  6. I want the purple bra Serena Williams is in the Berlei ad. How can I get it? What is the item # and how much is it?

    Serena looks so hot!!!

    New York Yankee

  7. truly exquisite:D! I’am a BIG bosom gal .natural & Proud! I’d love 2 try these bras. I recently saw Serena do an ad on youtube that sparked my interest!thanQ:D! oh haPpy daY((yayy))!

  8. How can you get Berlei bras in the U.S.? The company is based in Australia and does not offer shipping to U.S. addresses.


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