Ana Ivanovic dating Djokovic’s friend Mark Stillitano

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Love is booming in the world of women’s tennis. Every few weeks we have a marriage, an engagement, a baby or a pregnancy announcement and new relationships seem to be blossoming as well. A bunch of the new couples are still under the veil of secrecy, like Serena Williams and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou, Maria Sharapova and 21-year-old Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov, Victoria Azarenka and Redfoo from LFMAO, Daniela Hantuchova and her mixed doubles partner Fabio Fognini from Italy, but the one romance that we can confirm based on all the kissing photographed on a Melbourne beach is between Ana Ivanovic and Mark Stillitano.

One of the most beautiful women’s tennis players is not always so lucky in love. I even remember one interview in which she said that guys don’t actually approach her. Her past love pursuits include fellow top tennis player Fernando Verdasco from Spain and Australian golfer Adam Scott, but in the summer of 2012 Ivanovic revealed her single status and said her focus was on career.

Things have definitely changed as the 25-year-old was spotted on an Australian beach (you know how much she loves them!), cuddling and kissing with the new beau. Here you can see the paparazzi photos. In addition, Mark accompanied her on the airport on her arrival for the Australian Open.

So who is Ana’s new love interest? He’s British-born, lives in Monaco, used to play tennis, but never excelled, also plays golf and polo, is super rich, works in the big and successful Bombardier company which produces planes, trains and yachts. Moreover, Mark frequently visits Ana’s hometown of Belgrade where he also attended the Serbia Open tournament, which used to be owned by his good friend Novak Djokovic. Mark is often seen traveling with Djokovic and supporting him as part of his team.

Hope this one will last! It is some sort of security that Mark is Novak’s friend and Ana and Novak have been close since childhood.


  1. Finally! I understand why that weirdo Redfoo is hanging around the WTA tour like a fly on an old doughnut. Funny, I can see him and Azarenka being a good couple. 😀

  2. I never know if she’s single or with someone… guess now I know! They make a very cute couple!

    Marija where did you hear about Daniela Hantuchova and Fabio Fognini? That’s the pairing that surprised me the most!

  3. Ohh they look so in love in those beach pics.
    I can´t believe Azarenka is dating RedFoo! He was in the stands in many tournaments since last year and i think that was strange.
    My biggert surprise is about Dani and Fognini ¿From where came the rumors?

  4. Vikafoo are really a bit of a special couple. As for the newest Mr Right in Ana’s life it will be interesting to see if he finally inspires her to start winning big this year.

  5. Victoria Azarenka’s boyfriend is not RedFoo LFMAO thats a cover up. Vika’s boyfriend is the freelance photographer Robin Fenlon. They are living together for the last few months. Vika has a reputation for not being honest to the public. She decieves the world by hanging around with RedFoo but behind everybody’s back sleeping with Robin Fenlon. Vika is now with Fenlon in Santa Monica LA. Vika misuseses RedFoo for her own benifit.

  6. RedFoo has been around the WTA for most of his life. He is the son of Berry Gordy. Gordy has been a big supporter of the WTA and especially the SanDiego tournament he attended and supported.

  7. No way Fabio is going to give up his hot hot hot girl friend of 2 years, the Bulgarian model for anyone. He is still wearing her “S” on the chain around his neck.

  8. Marija, Vika is now with Robin Fenlon at the Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. I know that she is also with RedFoo but no relationship.Vika has made conditions with Fenlon regarding RedFoo.

  9. JohnnyB: being around the WTA is one thing, no he’s cleary being around Vika 😉 If it’s a cover up, it’s a strange one – if you don’t want to draw attention to your love life, you simply lay low and not hung with the guy everyone will pay attention to… Not to mention, I can’t see it being too serious with the other guy – who would agree to hide his/her serious relationship by pretending being with someone else? What’s the purpose?

  10. @Sara Wilson
    What you say is certainly very curious but still, I don’t think people are that keen to know about Vika and her beau anyway. She’s not a well liked player even though very successful.

  11. Marine, I know that she is not a well liked player even though she is seccessful. She has caused it herself by not being honest with the public.She is hanging around with RedFoo just to deceive the public. So, everyone is talking about her. Why? because she is with RedFoo in this manner she will get the attention and publicity she needs. At the same time have her real love life at a low profile. Vika is a very good actress.

  12. Sara, she doesn’t need to be honest we me at all as I don’t really need to know that much about her anyway,lol.
    If she’s doing this it’s just really strange. But hey,it’s her life and her decisions.


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