Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco break up


Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco had been dating since the 2008 US Open, but the word is out that their romantic relationship has ended.

According to a friend of Ana’s, the tennis star broke up with her boyfriend earlier this month, during the tournament in Brisbane.

I have to say it was suspicious. Those statements of Ana and Fernando, that tennis comes first, plus, I don’t remember seeing a picture of them together this year. Moreover, Ivanovic was training in Australia for some time already, and Verdasco was nowhere to be seen. Also, Ana lost in the quarterfinals of the Brisbane International, but she didn’t stay at the tournament to watch Fernando, who went all the way to the finals. Instead, Ivanovic flew to Melbourne right away.

I’m kind of happy for Ana. She can do much better, and she’s proved it. As some of you may have noticed from my comments, I didn’t feel their relationship from the start, even though they were being spotted together all the time.


  1. She can’t do better. Just because she was once seen with somebody at a beach doesn’t mean he is seriously interested in her.

  2. ok, you’re right, that doesn’t mean he’s interested in her, but i’m still certain she can do way better than fernando.

  3. Ana,
    u you can find a much better looking guy than Nando!
    You’re a princess, he’s still a frog…
    U need someone pretty as…let me think…hmmm…as Alessandro Nesta!!!!

  4. Hmmm… not much of an Ana fan myself, but I definitely think she can do way better than Verdasco. He wasn’t all that good looking, nothing compared to uber hotties like Safin or Rafa. I agree w/you, Marija, I didn’t like those two together.

  5. That’s life !!

    Ana should date another Serb like her, as she is a stranger girl.

    Fernando should date another Spaniard like him, as he is a passionate guy.

  6. That’s not that easy, I suppose. They’re traveling a lot, and are not spending too much time in their countries.

  7. I don’t know but since the break fernando is doing really good, finalist in Brisbane, he is doing very well at the Australian Open. instead Ana has been elimninated from both tournaments really soon, how is really sad of them?

  8. I’m happy for Fernando, but he can find better, not a just beautiful girl who seems more interested now in fashion than sport. She liks to play model and see her results since she won the French Open in June 2008. she has done nothing relevant, from N.1 to Number 5, doing bad in tournaments in 2009!!!

  9. I don’t see Ana as interested only in fashion and stuff, although they’re often forcing her too much. I think Ana’s still maturing, and hence those ups and downs.

    Her game has been very bad this year, and her ball toss is horrific. Still, I’m kind of used to such Ana, she’s always been either too good or too bad. I hope this is just that too bad period. As opposed Ana, let’s say Jelena Jankovic, she’s always solid.

  10. Yes, Ana should date another Serb like her, it would certainly be a lovely pair, unlike her and that stranger Fiasco! Ooops, Verdasco.

  11. actually, verdasco and ivanovic could both do better. ana seems to be a very happy and bubbly girl and she go out with some1 as bubbly as her. fernando is very manly and competitive, so he shuld find some1 who is as competitive as he is.

    but does any1 else here believe that verdasco kinda looks like a womanizer (i wouldnt kno, but what are ur opinions?)

    xoxox katsa

  12. Honestly, I don’t have anything against Verdasco, and I actually argued with people when they negatively commented on Ana’s and his relationship. But I also don’t like when people start putting nationalities and related stereotypes as having to do with their break up.

    And I don’t think it’s about who can do better in terms of looks, but rather a mismatch of personalities and perhaps different expectations. And maybe one of them wasn’t happy with the behaviour and effort of the other. We can only guess, but there are lots of such issues that are common in relationships in general. It just seems it wasn’t meant to be, but who knows?! Maybe they get together again.

  13. Katrina, I think you summed it up very well: They are both good in their own ways, but it was a mismatch. Plus, yeah, nationality was certainly not an issue. Personally, I’ve never felt they were meant for each other, and my feeling has proven to be right.

    Katsa, I also heard many times that Fernando is a womanizer.

  14. You know Marija, why I didn’t mind Ana being with Verdasco is that he is more or less a decent guy, perhaps a bit of a womanizer, but at least one who earns his money and obviously works hard. Maybe not the most handsome guy, but at least Ana didn’t end up like Jelena Dokic, picking up some bludger from the park who spent her money and now she has to earn more to support him and herself. So, in that respect, Verdasco was not that bad at all.

    But yes, they are probably not for each other and I wish them both luck in future, and for Ana I hope that she will make smarter choices in future and not rush into things.

  15. lol. ok guys, i think we all kno that marija made her point. and katrina i think that ur absolutly right.

    i just wish both of them the best of luck and i guess verdasco isnt the only womanizer out there. cos most guys (that ikno) are.

  16. Katrina, I understand your point. Me too, I wish them both good luck in the future. As for Ana, I didn’t have a feeling she rushed into that relationship, she simply fell in love, and that’s normal, just as the fact that they broke up is normal.

    Katsa, hahahaha yeah most of them are womanizers, many of those that I know are too. Maybe Fernando isn’t that bad after all…maybe we should just accept that fact. 😛

  17. hehehe. well im a verdasco fan and always will be, i guess what happens between him and ana is their buisness. and all ur opinions have been fun to read.

  18. well i m a huge fan of both ana and verdasco.ana is really charming and cute.on the other hand verdesco is handsome and a decent guy.they look really very cute together.i wish they were together but who ever even knows!

  19. How rude are you people saying she can do muc better! They are both great tennis players & perhaps they were in love at one stage, but that can change as we all know. I wish them both a happy & healthy future with or without each other.
    PS. After last nights match, I’m sure Fernando will have women falling at his feet!

  20. Right on Karen!
    i was watching that match since 1pm and i truly wish i culda seen it live!.. but verdasco has increase his female fans.
    i’ve been supporting him for a long time now but i could see the disappointment on his face last night, but if him and ana were still together, i really wonder if that woulda changed any of his success>> if u guys get me, plz let me kno ur opinion on that?

  21. For Ana and the rest,
    I think Ivanovic is beautiful, young and has a good career ahead. Fernando is hitting peak, he has recently been with Agassi and his coach, and has finally started to exploit his talent. His match against Nadal proves what he can do. I have a doubt whether he actually wanted to lose though. He had the match in the 5th, yet either lost all motivation or had a mental collapse. I know for sure that if I had broken up with that babe I would have been braking down all over the place… so… it probably has to do with that since he is human. Just like to add that, I hope that Ivanovic’s bad performance is due to brake up and that she either gets over it or they get back together (ideal scenario).

  22. Haha I think that this relationship is kind of like Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan. They broke off their relationship so that they’ll have a better chance in the Olympics.

    Unfortunately for Ana, it didn’t much work with her but for Verdasco, I think it went really well especially his brutal match with Rafa!!

    LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together any time soon though… or later!

  23. yup that sami final match was was really a breath taking match but luck was at nadals side.but verdasco played brilliantly.he surely increased his femeal fan following.including me.well they really look very cool as well as hot together.wish both of them a very bright future with or without each other.but it will be very cute if they get back together.lets hope 4 the best!

  24. I hope rafa will choose ana over xisca eventually. I mean ana bought a house in mallorca. Talking about having a hidden agenda. Anyway, if in the end rafa and ana gets together, they have my blessing.

  25. Let’s not get crazy with the slavish “you can do better, Ana” tripe: Verdasco is unquestionably a more attractive man than Ivanovic is a woman. She’s pretty and vivacious; Fernando, like Marat Safin, is ridiculously good-looking.

  26. In my opinion, Fernando and Marat can’t even be compared, they are completely different types of men. And Marat is way more cool.

  27. I knowed that this stupid pig dont earned Ana because she is perfect for this dumbass ! And when Ana want im free and i love her to death xD !

  28. …hmmm too sad the two broke up! but RAFA ANA would be a lovely couple…just see the photos of two playing golf in US before the tournament!


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