Ana Ivanovic still without boyfriend


A few months ago, somewhere in March or April 2012, Ana Ivanovic broke up with boyfriend Adam Scott and during a Wimbledon interview the Serbian beauty confirmed that she is still single.

Here’s how Ivanovic explained her relationship status (translated from Serbian source Puls):

I don’t have a boyfriend… Hahaha… For now I’m single. Tennis is most important in my life right now, but in the future I plan to get married and have lots of children. That’s my wish.

The 24-year-old also talked about her post-tennis career plans:

I love fashion and I’m planning to create a line with Adidas. Gabriela Sabatini did something similar. When my career is over, I know what I will be doing, but I will not be a TV commentator.

Ivanovic and Scott started dating in the beginning of 2009, but they did have one break-up, probably somewhere in September 2010, while news about their reunion hit the media in August/September 2011. So according to our records, this latest should be the second split.

At the ongoing Wimbledon, Ivanovic has progressed to the second week, beating Julia Goerges in the third round 3-6 6-3 6-4 to set up a last 16 meeting with world No.2 Victoria Azarenka. Ivanovic has now reached the fourth round of three of the last four Grand Slams. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Well it is not true. The interview was broadcast at TV B92 and after that Serbian daily newspaper “Kurir” (junk newspaper) edited it the way they like it.Actually reporter asked Ana about her future plans, maybe fashion plans, to create her own line as Sabatini did. Ana said that IT WOULD BE nice to create her line with “Adidas” (she didn’t say that it will happen in the future). And she also mentioned job related to tennis. Reporter: “Your own tennis academy” and she said not. Ana added that she doesn’t think too much about her future business – she is addicted to tennis and her managers do they job. Then she suddenly added that she would like to marry and have a lot of kids in the future. Delighted reporter asked her for permission to ask private question and immediately asked does she have boyfriend and she said not. While getting up from the chair somebody asked her did she improve her golf skills and she said: “not really but my dad did”. The whole interview was held in positive atmosphere with a lot of laughing.

  2. Maja J, thanks for the input. News sources like to take things out of contest. In this case, as Puls reported, they said that Ana said “I’m planning”, which is also nothing certain, although it is different from “it would be nice”. The crucial info of this post is that Ana is single, and that is 100% true! 🙂 If she hasn’t found a boyfriend in the last couple of hours 🙂

  3. @Marija
    :-D. I can’t find that video and it was interview for B92(or press conference in Serbian which TVB92 broadcasted) and I just recall what she said but I am sure that they didn’t make a deal about that – it is still Ana’s plan as you wrote :-). About boyfriend – well said ;-).

  4. Maja J, I was also looking for the video and couldn’t find it. It most probably just aired on TV.

  5. Well, I am in love with Ana. Why? Because of her talent, beauty, but especially her beautiful spirit. It comes through in her matches and simply captures me. I am a realist and know I am too old for her and that I will never have the chance to know her, but I hope she waits until her perfect match in life comes along – a man that recognizes the traits that I, as a perfect stranger, can see in her.


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