Ana Ivanovic breaks up with Adam Scott?


Ana Ivanovic
The word is out that Ana Ivanovic ended a year and a half long relationship with Australian golfer Adam Scott. The break up is still not fully confirmed, but the couple hasn’t been seen together in a while and the Daily Mail is reporting:

Ana Ivanovic has dropped her boyfriend, Australian golf star Adam Scott, and fallen in love with tennis again.

Let’s remind ourselves of the good old times: Adam supporting Ana at Wimbledon, then Ana accompanying Adam at the Scottish Open, the couple holding hands in New York, and spending leisure time in Mallorca.

Ana and Adam started their relationship early in 2009, after the Serbian tennis star broke up with her Spanish colleague Fernando Verdasco. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. These headlines makes it sound like Ana played badly because she had a boyfriend, but she has been struggling for more than 2 years… Anyway, if Ana thinks it’s better for her tennis that she’s single, I guess we can’t complain.

  2. News doesn’t surprise me at all. Had a feeling for a couple of months now that they did split. Haven’t seen or heard anything about them being together since April and they had numerous opportunities since them to meet up. But I am fine with it. She usually plays better when single. She seems more focuses.

  3. Whether this is the true or not – good luck in the upcoming tournaments. Well … good luck in love too (with or without Adam). I think that love makes the world go ’round 🙂

  4. Curtis, when you say you’ve been having the feeling for a couple of months, it means a lot since you’re the biggest Ana fan.

  5. 🙁 i was rooting for their relationship though…they’re an awesome couple and look good together.. Ana is playing her best tennis again, so there is nothing i can ask for.. Good Luck ANA!!! AJDE!!!!

  6. Ana was a rebound chick,he probably went back to his long time girlfriend.
    she should date a low profile Serbian …someone who speaks her language and understands her culture

  7. Now I can have my chances. If only I can book a ticket straight to Belgrade and meet Ana, I’ll go all the way from there. I am also willing to be a Serbian if Ana wants me to.

    It does not matter to me if we are in a long distance relationship or we see each other every day. As long as we know we are loyal with each other, that’s LOVE.

    Marry me, Ana!

  8. First of all she is 22 and game doesn’t effect a game.. He is 30 and knows what he wants. If she was mature, she would balance work and not let her relationship with him affect her career. You need a strong mind and she doesn’t have one. I have seen people in 2 different sport and know how to balance it

    she is pretty but has a lot to learn

  9. @karma:
    I can’t remember any sports couple whose relationship lasted
    more than 3 years (that both were active athletes)

  10. hi ana,

    enjoy life while being young, and aim high for your favorite sport, i am confident you can get back in your career as number one in tennis and one the most beautiful female tennis player.

    i am one of your millions admirer around the world.

    love and always care or all of your understanding.

    GOD Bless…



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