Are Redfoo and Azarenka officially dating?


Rumors about the relationship between Victoria Azarenka and Redfoo have been out there for a while, especially after her recent breakup with Sergei Bubka. In a telephone interview for ESPN, with Vika by his side, Redfoo talked his love of tennis and music and in the end the interviewer was direct about whether he and Vika were officially a couple, and here’s what Redfoo answered:

Yeah, I think so. It’s pretty out there. I hope so! We don’t talk about it that much, but if I saw her with another dude, I wouldn’t be happy about it. We just try to do our thing and have fun and laugh.

One of our readers here, Sara, insists that Azarenka and Redfoo are actually just a cover-up for her relationship with freelance photographer Robin Fenlon and that she and Robin made a agreement about her appearances with Redfoo (and they have been publicly hanging out a lot!), but all the major news sources are all about Azarenka and Redfoo. As always, the truth will get to the surface in due time.

Redfoo has always been in and around tennis. His father Berry Gordy Jr. had a tennis court and Redfoo grew up playing tennis, he even played juniors and was Top 40 in Southern Cal in 16’s. Moreover, Boris Becker used to hang out in his house playing chess, while Monica Seles is still their friend. But this latest Australian Open was only the second Grand Slam Redfoo attended, and it was all because of Vika.

My purpose going down there was to support [Azarenka], so just having that goal to win the whole thing and do whatever I could to influence that with her, her team, coach and trainers. So that was the most amazing part about it for me, was just being involved with that and having that dream and having it coming true at the end through all the trials and tribulations.

Redfoo replaced tennis with music when he was a teenager (by the way, now he’s 37), but still he likes to enjoy both, for example by making tennis-inspired songs. One of his songs features Azarenka’s famous grunt!


  1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… There is some serious tennis being played – like, in Paris, Pattaya… There are some wonderful girls and women out there, playing some wonderful tennis (Mona Barthel, Kiki Mladenovic, Kiki Bertens, etc.), shaping their careers, their, er… life. (Not that I mind the wonderfulness of Redfoo, being Gordy Jr. and the rich rest of it, and/or his lucky charm/girlfriend/whatever… Just saying.)

  2. Why would anyone want to hide that they are in a relationship with Robin Fenlon? I mean, he’s gorgeous! Also, he has a great job and comes across a really nice person. The derision for RedFoo is almost universal in the tennis community. Why would Vika agree to that? *shrug*

  3. @ Karunya Maybe to attract attention? We don’t know who this mysterious Sara Wilson is and if what she is saying it’s true. It could be someone who does this just to make people wonder and motivate them to want to learn more about Vika.

    As for me, I care more about who is going to win Pattaya today. 🙂

  4. Robin Fenlon has been close to Vika for a very very long time even during her relationship with Sergei Bubka. Once Sergei broke up with her she switched over to Fenlon and went on holiday to Vagas. On the WTA website Vika put up a photo album of her off season travels. Vegas, Paris, Minsk, Sao Paulo, Doha, Thailand and Brisbane. Who travelled with her to take all these pictures? “Robin Fenlon”. Recently she promoted Fenlon from freelance photographer to digital media director and Fenlon is on her payroll. Vika called it a investment in her business. RedFoo is a good friend of Vika and calls Vika “My booty baby”. I may be wrong but what on earth is RedFoo 37 years old and Fenlon 31 Years old running after a 23 year old girl. These two cougar boys.

  5. Well , I dont agree with you Sara , because , why would they be doing that ? If she likes Robin she wouldnt be with Redfoo all the time , they wouldnt be talking like they like eachother , right ?. When she liked that Bubka guy she wasnt hiding it , and why would Foo go with teamvika , to be cover for Vikas and Robins relationship ? I dont really think so 🙂

  6. Redfoo is 37?! He doesn’t look it… I honestly don’t care if they’re going out with each other or not, it’s his presence at tournaments that bothers me. As Karunya said, derision for him is almost universal in the tennis world, even though I can’t pinpoint why… :/

  7. They went to Redfoo’s gig at Vegas! There’s a video of Vika and Fenlon at Redfoo’s gig.Vika and Redfoo were on what looked like a resort’s video on jet ski’s in Thailand in Dec’12,no sign of Fenlon.When ESPN rang Redfoo the other day,they were surprised when he put Vika on the phone.Also Vika just went to Vegas with Redfoo last night for his latest gig.

  8. Karunya, Brona, I do understand your point. Redfoo’s presence at tournamants could bother many people. But Redfoo is not responsible for that.Vika invites him to her players box. I think according to the present developments we are going to see Redfoo at many events. Since Vika is in LA after the AO, she has been spotted with Redfoo. Lakers, Super Bouwl and at Redfoo’s sunday party rock at the XS in Vegas. So, they are dating.Vika is supposed to have spent the weekend at Redfoo’s place.

    Jenny, I have not seen any video’s of Vika and Fenlon at Redfoo’s gig last sunday 3 feb. Neither any Video nor any pictures of Vika with Redfoo last night in Vagas. They also were at the Super Bouwl.Do you have the link?

  9. Well guys did you see after Australian Open finals who did she hug first ? Redfoo 😛 Fenlon was there recording it tho 🙂 Well , if they are happy and officially dating , I wish them all the best !

  10. Just read and saw some awful pictures of Vika with RedFoo at XS Las Vagas,things are getting clear that Vika and RedFoo are officially dating. I wish them all the best. What I am suprised is to see that Vika traded gentlemen Bubka and Fenlon in for a stripper RedFoo “Disgrace”.Is this really the No.1 on the WTA tour? Bad example for the younger players.

  11. Hi Sara,
    The photos from XS las vegas are on on the Features page. Also if you do a search for Redfoo on Twitter and look at the top photos, there is a coupley one of the two of them at XS Las Vegas. I can’t remember where i saw the video of Fenlon and Vika at Marquee last year, maybe it was a photo but it showed Fenlon at Redfoo’s gig and Vika.

  12. Just to clarify, there was no sign of Fenlon at Sunday’s gig at XS las Vegas in any of the photos i saw, but Fenlon was with them at Marquee last year.

  13. I think Redfoo annoys many tennis fans because he is extravagant and tennis has a rather conservative audience. Sure, it’s not that boring snobby sport as it used to be but still, people are used to certain standard of clothing and behaviour.

  14. Hi Janny, thanks I saw the photos.Fenlon was not present at Sunday’s gig at XS Vegas. But Yes, Fenlon was with them last year at Marquee. Vika is now in Doha for the event. Fenlon is not with them. He is in Taxas with friends. RedFoo is nominated for the Grammy on Sunday 10th Feb in LA. There is something going on between Fenlon Vika RedFoo.

    Marine, I am waiting to see RedFoo at Wimbeldon in June. This is a very, very, very conservative event/audience with a certain standard clothing and civilized behaviour.Vika is not very popular either at Wimbeldon.

    See you girls.

  15. Here’s Redfoo talking about similarities between him and Vika Azarenka. He’s always saying how he and Vika have so many shared interests and love similar things, but he’s also emphasizing “not in a romantic way”. There must be something between them, at least he likes her a lot.

  16. Hi Marija,
    Vika and RedFoo are officially dating. This video was during the AO in Melbourne. They are now together and were spotted many times in LA. During the Lakers, Superbowl and at XS Vegas on 3 Feb during RedFoo’s gig.There is a video with Vika and RedFoo, and also many pictures.

  17. Sara, have you seen them kissing or anything? I haven’t seen any official confirmation, although personally I’m pretty sure there must be a romance going on.

  18. my first impulse is to dislike the azarenka/redfoo pair-up. im not a big fan of redfoo. vika could do better. but then again, theirs is sooooo much better than maria and grigor’s! blech! can’t wait for that one to end.


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