Agnes Szavay retires from tennis


At the age of 24, nine years into her pro career and 18 years after starting playing tennis, Hungarian star Agnes Szavay announced her retirement from the sport, eventually resigning to her chronic back injury. She gave up on a risky surgery on her broken vertebra (which could have involved bolts and screws in her healthy vertebrae), as it did not guarantee successful outcome, and after thorough consideration decided to officially stop playing competitively. A tennis academy and work with children is where Szavay sees herself in the future.

Last season Szavay entered just four events, including the Olympics, but each time she lost in the first round. Her last match was at the US Open, where she retired in the second set against fellow Hungarian Greta Arn.

Szavay won five WTA singles titles: Budapest in 2009 and 2010, Prague in 2010, Palermo and Beijing in 2009. Her highest singles ranking was No.13, reached in April 2008. Her best Grand Slam result was the quarterfinal of the 2007 US Open.

On a different note, maybe Szavay would like to update her biography info on the WTA’s official website which states: “Most admires Lance Armstrong for his successful battle with cancer (his autobiography is her favorite book)”. (photo: sr_cranks)


  1. Damn sad… but, all considered, the right choice. Hajrá, Ágnes, may you be healthy and raise some kids who’ll continue from where you had to stop!
    “On a different note”, Marija: If your last paragraph was honestly meant to remind her (!) – all’s well. But, if, and in any way, otherwise: you had just as well could have not written/posted it. Why? Well, because Ágnes is/was, as well as you and the overwhelming majority of the commentators contributing to your blog, in a state of blissful denial of the PEDs abuse in all sports, tennis included.

  2. I will have a sad memory of Agnes, but the honor of watching her last match on the very most outer court at the 2012 US Open.

    Tulp is wrong about us fans and commentators being in denial of drug use in tennis and other sports. Your coomment should have ended after the second line.

  3. What a shame! I have missed her presence on the tour in the last couple of years, and I hoped for a successful return. Injury has robbed us of a talented player. You will be missed Agnes!

  4. Tulp, for me they are all innocent until they are proven guilty or until I see them using something. Now that Lance is guilty of substance abuse for sure, reading that Agnes stated him as her idol is bitter.

  5. I hope she has fun in her new Adventure, As for Mr. Armstrong, the fact that he did use PED’s and has finally admitted to using them during his career. He still did overcome cancer aside from using PED’s. Side note to all those who comment on the blog when you refer to america as US, capitalize the letters otherwise it is a completely different word. American commentators have to obey stipulations from the broadcaster they announce for.

  6. Marija says: “… they are all innocent until they are proven guilty…”—as Armstrong has been, for years on end. And then, “Now that Lance is guilty of substance abuse for sure, reading that Agnes stated him as her idol is bitter.” Lance is “now” guilty because of some courageous people questioning his innocence throughout those years when he was “not guilty”, and getting their lives ruined in the process. Now, I don’t really expect you to go their way (not that your life would [objectively, at least] suffer from it), but the reason for my previous comment was actually that I felt your “reminder” to Ágnes tasted “bitter”: you know, like beating a dead horse—no, not the dead horse named Lance, but the dead horse of a naïve girl’s sentimental illusion (sounds familiar?)… Coming to think about it, perhaps it would actually be better if she left that statement stand, as a kind of memorial… if you know what I mean.
    And as for your advice, JohnnyB: throughout my life I’ve had trouble knowing after which sentence, which clause, which word, period, comma… to stop! Therefore, I have dreamt, and dreamt, about someone who’ll always be there to remind me—until you came along! So, please, don’t let me down, boy, I depend on you!

  7. Tulp, I said that Agnes would probably like to update her WTA profile page since now she probably doesn’t consider him her idol any more, that’s all.


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