Alisa Kleybanova sets new comeback plans – summer of 2013


We’re always following the latest updates on the comeback of Alisa Kleybanova, who has recovered from the serious illness of Hodgkin’s lymphoma but is yet to make a successful return to tennis. The former Top 20 player is planning to get back to the competitive courts by the middle of 2013.

I don’t know right now if it’s going to be two months or three months or four months, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll start playing before the summer.

Kleybanova’s last match before the illness was a second round loss in Rome 2011 (at the time she was ranked No.26) and already in March 2012 she made a victorious comeback in Miami, but the return turned out to be premature and the Russian has since been waiting for her body to be absolutely ready for life on the WTA Tour. In November 2012 she said she could be able to return in February or March 2013, but apparently she will need a few more weeks.

On a similar note, what’s up with all these young athletes receiving such dreadful diagnosis? ATP player Ross Hutchins, 27, was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma earlier this year. Kleybanova was just 21 and at the height of her still rising career when the cancer threatened her life. (source: The New York Times, photo by our reader Tony)


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