Win Emily Austin crystal tennis necklace!


On Sunday, March 31st, the celebration of Women’s Tennis Blog’s sixth birthday started and after awarding our lucky reader Stefan Milesevic with the $85 gift certificate for the wonderful tennis clothes of Denise Cronwall, the time has come to announce the second contest – now you have a chance to win a beautiful Emily Austin tennis necklace. Emily designs her jewelry by hand, studding Swarovski crystals of numerous colors to create custom necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

The love and dedication Emily into her creations is evident, especially when you see the jewelry in person: it is so shiny, with beautiful details, high-quality silver chains, and the range of available colors is astonishing. Moreover, Emily has various sports collections: tennis, golf, baseball, yoga, basketball, soccer, etc.

Thanks to the generous and cooperative Emily, I have the pleasure to offer you to choose from three styles of tennis necklaces and you can pick your color of choice from Emily’s rich color palette. Therefore, one lucky winner of Women’s Tennis Blog’s contest will win one of the three tennis necklaces in whichever color he/she chooses.


On any social networking website (Twitter, Pinterest, Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook group or some other Facebook group, etc.), simply mention this contest in any way you like (preferably in a creative way :)) and here in the comments below post the link to the social networking page to prove your mention. Moreover, in your mention you should include a link to this contest announcement page and incorporate keywords: Women’s Tennis Blog’s 6th birthday, Emily Austin, necklace. It’s optional, but feel free to also use this or other photo of Emily’s necklaces as well.

I hope the instructions are clear. If you are uncertain about something, just ask me to clarify in the comments below and I will answer promptly.

The contest is open now and closes on April 5th, 10 p.m. CET. Good luck! The winner will be chosen randomly from all of you who qualify.


  1. Milica, congratulations for being the first to enter! 🙂 You’ve qualified! You didn’t include all the keywords, but it’s ok, you mentioned Emily, it’s enough, on Twitter there is not enough space for everything anyway.

    You can ask your friends to join or to participate for you! 😉

  2. Omair, Liz, wonderful! :)) Thank you for promoting the contest on multiple social networking websites 🙂 I’m glad all of you got the rules right. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Happy birthday! I really want that amazing piece. I prefer the second one, but the others are also beautiful.
    ¡La quiero!

  4. Femke, you should make the post public so that we can see it.

    All the others above have qualified! 🙂 Brenda, I saw your tweet even though you didn’t share the link here.

  5. Hi Marija 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t have Twitter account and I can’t open an account for myself ( I’m under 18 years)
    Is there a solution for followers like me?
    Thank you 🙂

  6. 🙁 I’ve seen it too late that you can’t see my comment… Sometimes I hate Facebook! Why does it never work when I need it?

    But good luck to all the others! 🙂


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