Yonex ditches Wozniacki for playing with masked Babolat


Danish No.1 Caroline Wozniacki had been playing with a Babolat racquet her entire career, before switching to Yonex in 2011, but recently, as of last month’s Eastbourne, the former world No.1 confused tennis fans, and apparently her racquet sponsor Yonex, by using a blacked-out racquet frame. It turned out that Wozniacki has been using a masked Babolat racquet, thus forcing Yonex to end their contract, which has been confirmed by Nordic Yonex director, Benni Holst Andersen. Therefore, now it’s pretty clear that Wozniacki will officially return to Babolat. (source: Ekstra Bladet)


  1. It’s funny because she’s also a Sony ambassador and always twitts with Iphone. Like Sharapova, she has a contract with Samsung and use Twitter with Iphone….
    So bad… Also because Android phones are so much better than Ips

  2. Maybe this is good for her. Maybe she will now return to her top form with a Babolat racquet.

  3. Marija, if you remember during her surge to No.1 in 2010 she uses a yonex blacked out racket during her exhibition against Cibulkova in Slovakia (i remember posting that her in your blog). Well, that was during the off season and her Babolat contract is about to expire so I guess that was ok.

  4. Well, maybe this is a change for the better. She’s not had as much success with Yonex anyway. As for the endorsements of rival products she should be a bit careful as some companies decided to quit the contracts with celebrities for promoting a competitor 😛

  5. Marija, my bad i think that exhibition in Slovakia was in 2011, let me do some research and let you know. 🙂 Well i do hope that there will be a change in her results with the new racket coz she will be losing a lot of money from her contract with yonex.

  6. Ozzie, you see, she has a tendency to test masked racquet before completely switching to a different brand.


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