Own the Zone launches EcoGrip™ – world’s first biodegradable overgrip for tennis

Wilson Blade 9

Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ) is selling EcoGrip™ – the world’s first biodegradable overgrip for the tennis industry. Not only does EcoGrip feel and play like the very best overgrips on the market, but when replaced and discarded it breaks down rapidly in the ecosystem. No other abrasion resistant polyurethane tennis overgrip has ever done that.

Top women’s tennis players have successfully playtested the normal (smooth) and tacky (perforated) EcoGrip. Every player said that EcoGrip plays very good and just as well as the best selling overgrips on the market. These players include Catherine “CiCi” Bellis, 14, winner USTA 16s Clay Court Championships, Lynne Rolley, Director of Tennis, Berkeley Tennis Club, Anita Giovannoni, Pro Tennis Coach, Randburg South Africa, and Nancy Levin and Deb Rechnitz, the 2012 USTA Women’s 3.5 Senior Nationals Doubles Champions from Atherton, California. The University of Chicago tennis team is already using EcoGrip in tournament competition.

Here are some player remarks about EcoGrip:

Anita Giovannoni:

I think they beat most of the grips I use. To be honest today I only use the white grips – the Wilson Fed grips. Yours are even thicker and longer which is good.

Deb Rechnitz:

I gave the grips a great test at the District Championships this past summer and they really held up well. I especially like the extra length so I could wrap with a bigger overlap. I have a two-handed, overlapping backhand.

Nancy Levin:

These grips are great. I played for more than 10 hours with the tacky grip. Where can I buy them?

EcoGrip™ is currently being sold online at www.otzsports.com and at select tennis and racket sports shops. For more information about EcoGrip™ check out www.otzsports.com.

Play with EcoGrip™ and help clean up our environment. You’ve tried the rest …now Get a Grip!  EcoGrip™ from Own the Zone and Eco Sports LLC.


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