Agnieszka Radwanska officially shows her boyfriend?

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Agnieszka Radwanska with boyfriend

On Tuesday Agnieszka Radwanska posed in front of the Colosseum in Rome to present her new flowery Lotto dress, but the photo that surfaced later was even more interesting: is Aga suggesting that Dawid Celt, a 28-year-old inactive Polish ATP player, is officially her boyfriend?

Celt’s highest ranking was No.852 and his total prize money is just $10,968, compared to Aga’s $15,646,640.

When I googled their names, I found a bunch of their everyday photos together, dating back to even a year ago, but they have never been open about their relationship (you know we’re used to couples showing their love in the social media).

Do you have any more info about Dawid Celt and his probable relationship with Aga? Polish readers please bring some exclusive info to the English-speaking world.

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  1. He is her sparing partner and second coach. She denied I think about a year that they have any relantionship beside friendship. But when I see that photo I have some doubts. Is this official did she say that this is her boyfriend? And if she than why now ?

  2. I have the same doubt as ninaq 🙂 Marija, what make you say it is some kind of official statement from Aga? Well, she is showing with the guy during a photoshot for Lotto, but it’s still not any kind of official announcement.
    There were stories about them being together for some time already, especially after Aga’s father gave an interview to one of the polish newspapers, where he said that Aga is having romantic affairs with her sparring partners (he didn’t give any names and if I remember correctly he actually spoke in plural, he also suggested that there was something between Aga and Borna Bikic who was her secondary coach at some point and later between Aga and Wiktorowski). Daddy Radwanski said that his daughters always had affairs with their sparring partners (isn’t it nice of him? The guy really can stand being in the shadow, he keeps going to press and telling such stories about his own daughters. what a class…). But Aga always denied it, both she and Wiktorowski fervently denied any kind of romantic relationship between them and Aga never confirmed her relationship with Celt, althought it’s true that the stories about this particular “friendship/romanse” are going around for quite a long time already, especially in all kind of totally trashy people press :). Celt is 29yo, he was playing himself without much succes and now for a few years already he’s Aga’s sparring partner. From time to time he also comment tennis matches for polish TV (mostly on Eurosport).

  3. Ninaq, Maggie, you’re right. I may have made a too prompt conclusion that it’s official. I read it at several places on Twitter, including the source I stated at the end, plus all the photos I’ve seen online look like typical couple photos. But you’re right, I should have had second thoughts, I will adapt the article a bit. Maggie, thank you for the complete explanation. Her father is really over the top.

  4. As you wrote, they were first seen “together” about a year ago. As for doubts whether they have a relationship – they kissed straight after Aga and Alicja Rosolska won the decisive rubber against Sweden this year (right after match point). There is a screenshot somewhere on the internet, but it’s very low quality (from a stream).

    About the comment concerning Bikic – he was linked more to Ula than to Aga (it’s said he started working with Ula and then she introduced him to Aga)

    Btw, I’ve been wondering how much it will take the English-speaking media to learn about them :p

    Greetings from Poland.

  5. Kissing on the cheek is not really kissing…I watched that match and I will notice if there will be kissing, so I really dont know. I think that if there are really couple the picture in this time will be already linked

  6. @caro Agnieszka popularity outside Poland is kind low. Just cause she is rank #3 in #WTA doesn’t equate to popularity for English media news. Now should she win Grand Slam or have solid streak in Premier WTA titles maybe English speak media might look her way more often for news bits. This just my opinion course which might be prove wrong today or tomorrow lol…

  7. Caro, thank you for bringing an additional perspective to the story. Next time, you can let me know and I will bring news to the English-speaking world 😉

    Ninaq, my source confirmed that the news is 100% correct, so it’s more likely to be true than not. As always, only time will tell.

    Dxana, that’s quite true. Her popularity has increased a lot, but results on the court don’t always equate to popularity. There are much more things in that calculation.

  8. I was at the BNP Paribas Open (Indian Wells) this past March (I live in Los Angeles) and I seen Aga kissing her hitting partner. She was also sitting on his lap at the players lounge. So yes, she’s defintley dating him.


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