Rory opens up about how he wanted the proposal of Caroline to look like, and how it actually looked


In a fresh interview by Rob Green Jr. for Global Golf Post, Rory McIlroy reveals the details about how he wanted to pop the question to Caroline Wozniacki on a boat in Sydney and how a drunk guy ruined his romantic plans, although the yes from the bride-to-be has made all the hardships a history now.

When asked how long he considered asking Caro to marry him, Rory replied:

A long time. Even if you know she’s going to say yes, it’s a big step.

Rory’s original plan was to propose at midnight, on the New Year’s Eve, on a boat in the Sydney harbor. But why was Wozniacki proposed to in a hotel room? Rory tells the story:

We were on a boat on the harbor. It’s a funny story because I wanted to do it at the stroke of midnight but I couldn’t because a really drunk guy on the boat jumped in and caused a whole commotion. They sent people to dive in to get him he was so drunk. It was a bit of a nightmare.

Later that night Rory proposed when they got back to their hotel room:

I explained the whole thing like I wanted to do it…but this guy ruined it. She said yes. That was the most important thing.

The word is out that Wozzilroy are expected to get married this summer, in August.


  1. All this romantic stuff for breaking up with her after sending out wedding invitations. He literally took this poor girls heart to heaven and dropped it off into hell. She was even ready to give up her carrier for this jerk. I hope caroline’s heart heals up quickly and concentrates on her carrier and meets a nice guys that deserves a girl like her. I would like to add ” if he’s leaving some other girl for u , he’ll leave u if he finds another “

  2. Sru, good point! That was my first thought as well! What to expect from a guy who dumps his girlfriend of six years for you.


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