Surprise! Vaidisova wants to serve a comeback!


Five and a half months ago we read that Nicole Vaidisova had absolutely no plans of making a comeback and didn’t even own a racquet, but the Czech tennis phenomenon is proving the reports false! Just hours ago, the 25-year-old Vaidisova posted on Instagram a video of herself practicing serve on the tennis court and accompanied the footage with the following statement:

These last couple weeks I’m finally able to serve with less pain than I have in over 3 years, it makes me hopeful and happy to see progress after struggling the last couple years with repeated surgeries, rehabs and setbacks. It’s one step at a time but finally getting a step closer.

Judging by this quote, I’m pretty sure we can expect to see Vaidisova back in competitive tennis, provided that health serves her well! At least we can see that she owns a racquet! The Prague beauty ditched Radek Stepanek, found a new guy and is focusing on relaunching her career. Good news!

By the way, Iveta Melzer (did you know that she’s a fashion blogger now?!) was the first to give Vaidisova support in the comments below the Instagram video.


  1. OMG!!!!!!! I can’t say how happy i am after reading this post 🙂 i’ve always missed her hopefully we’ll see her competing soon

  2. Great news. Best thing I have read since Kim Clijsters made her comeback. Hope we see a comeback from Nicole. This would be awesome!

  3. Sru, I’m not sure about the details of her contract, but I suppose they would have to resign the contract first.

  4. That’s something to look forward to. I just hope she’s enjoying herself. Didnt look like she did before she retired the first time. She usually looked like she could be doing something else.


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