Venus Williams launches EleVen Fall 2014 collection, what will be her US Open dress?

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The US Open is getting closer fast and tennis clothing brands are ready to enter the fashion battle at the final Grand Slam of the season. We have already seen the fall collections of Stella McCartney for Adidas, Nike for Maria Sharapova and the US Open dresses of Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic, and here’s what Venus Williams and her brand EleVen are suggesting for the upcoming months.

The Herringbone Collection features a wide variety of items and designs in neutral colors, ranging from darker grey to cerulean blue and white.

Venus Williams - grey dressVenus Williams - grey dress - back

Venus still hasn’t revealed what will be her outfit of choice at the 2014 US Open, but I suppose she will opt for one of the dresses, either the above-shown color-block Herringbone Back Court Dress, available in India ink (pictured above) and in blue cerulean, or the Herringbone Closed Grip Dress featuring stylish back straps with keyhole opening and pleated back hem.

Eleven - Dress - Fall 2014Eleven - Dress - Fall 2014 back

My favorite item from this collection is the Herringbone Hail Mary Tank (pictured below, image in the middle) – a simple yet cutting-edge design featuring T-back with cutouts. For those who like a more classic look with a modern twist, the Herringbone Racquet Sleeveless Top is a winning option.

Tanks - EleVen - fall 2014

To pair the shirts, we can choose between (from left to right) the Fall Herringbone Jamming Print Skort, Fall Herringbone Hawkeye Short or Fall Herringbone Jamming Solid Skort. For colder weather there are also the EleVen Power Capri leggings.

Eleven - Skorts - Fall 2014

Interestingly, the collection also features some classic white items — actually, Venus’ prime promotional photo is advertising solid whites. It’s strange for V to launch all-white clothing now that Wimbledon is over, especially given how much she enjoys colors and experiments. But OK, solid whites are always fashionable in tennis.

Venus Williams - EleVen Fall 2014

What do you think of the collection? What would you like Venus to wear at the US Open?

The clothes can be found at Tennis Warehouse and EleVen by Venus, while European buyers will have to be patient until the collection becomes available at Tennis Warehouse Europe.


  1. Liking Venus’ designs this year, really stylish & suitable for her long, lean body.. Hope she wears the dress in the top 2 pic’s for the US Open, will look great during the day or a night match.

  2. Loving it. …partial to the first pic and maybe the dress in the warehouse illustration

  3. So we’re all voting for dresses. PeteTweet, just like you, I can see Venus in the dress pictured first at the US Open. It’s a very subtle design, especially compared to her last year’s florals, but she can bring the edge with a hairstyle or something and it will be a perfect combo.


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