Stella McCartney returns to ruffles and neutral colors in collection for Wimbledon/US Open 2014


When I think of Stella McCartney I think of excessive ruffles, emphasized femininity and neutral skin tones – the best examples are the outfits from Stella’s glory days in the time of Maria Kirilenko to the early stages of when Caroline Wozniacki started wearing the line. Later on, Stella, affiliated with Adidas, distanced herself from the fluffiness and took on a more sporty approach to tennis clothing, probably trying to better adapt to her new representatives – Caroline Wozniacki, Laura Robson and Andrea Petkovic – and event though she always stuck to her love of details, overall her designs were more toned down and more in sync with other Adidas apparel.

Wozniacki in Stella Wimbledon 2014 dressWimbledon 2014 Stella dress - back

Wozniacki in her new Adidas Women’s Stella McCartney Barricade Dress for Wimbledon 2014

However, the new Adidas Stella Barricade Group clothes are a return to the designer’s old self and I have to say that I am thrilled with the change, not because I didn’t like Stella’s less feminine designs (actually some of them are my all-time favorites), but because she created a landmark collection, clothes to remember, as when I saw them I was pleasantly shocked and surprised for a few moments. Why?

Stella ruffle tank

Barricade NY Tank with volant ruffle on right side and mesh strap on left, in the colors of soft powder, meat and white

Because Stella applied asymmetry in very unusual ways, with side, shoulder and bust ruffles, and used the colors of meat and earth, color choices not commonly used in sports clothes. Moreover, the collection features such a variety of tops, that I don’t know which style to leave out from my review.

Terra NY Stella dress 2014 Terra NY Stella dress 2014 - back

The above Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade NY Dress, or its lighter version below, are styles for the US Open. The asymmetry, accentuated by colorblocking, is the highlight of this item. It comes as a set with a coordinating ball shortie in yellow and poppy pink.

Nude NY Stella dress 2014 Nude NY Stella dress 2014 - back

I can’t wait to see Maria Kirilenko in these ruffles! She will look stunning! Whichever top she opts for, she will look perfect! Although, I can’t imagine Andrea Petkovic and Laura Robson in these clothes. Wozniacki so so.

Stella polo tank

Barricade Polo Tank (only available in white) and Barricade NY Top

Players that look better in simpler outfits can choose the colored version of Wozniacki’s Wimbledon dress (it also exists in the color of earth) or for the below-shown seamless top with elbow-length perforated sleeves. The one with the slits on upper back is reserved for those who love to take tennis fashion to the edge.

Stella meat short sleeve - backStella mid sleeve

The entire collection is already available at Tennis Warehouse.

Are you also pleasantly surprised by Stella’s play with ruffles and earth/skin colors?


  1. Nina, I still don’t know what she will wear at Wimbledon, although, strangely enough, I know what she will wear at the US Open. Will post about it soon.

  2. I thnik these clothes are horrible, apart from the white wimbledon dress at the top (which is tolerable although a bit fussy) and the yellow top with the mesh sleeves. The colours are murky and won’t flatter many people, and the large frills are out of proportion and distract from the lines of the clothes. The frills on the sleeves of the t-shirt tops just look silly, and the top with the slits is just hideous, shapeless and ill-fitting and flattering to no-one.

  3. I think ruffles and the colors will suit on Maria Kirilenko. and it looks awful on Wozniacki and Petkovic.

  4. I don’t know… I like the Wimbledon dress, the kind of peplum top and the Barricade NY top, but I don’t like the other stuff that much. Perhaps if I see it ‘in action’ it will change my opinion, but for now, I wouldn’t get my wallet and order it 😀

  5. I’ve just seen Andrea Petkovic’s promo photo as well. She will wear the white polo at Wimbleldon. Looks nice in the picture! [link expired]

  6. i will only comment about the colors only after i see them in action but as far as the designs are concerned i like them but i think it suits only maria kirilenko out of all 4 women so i think it’s better for caroline to wear that orange version of wimbeldon dress at us open or the top and skirt version of either color

  7. Liz, Petkovic is more for a sporty look, but this polo with ruffles is not too much and I think it actually suits her well enough. It’s not too much, it’s not too girly.

  8. I just saw the set of Petkovic… and it just doesn’t suit her. She’s too sporty for the ruffles. But I liked the combination… more than I expected 🙂

    The dress of Caro is great. I love the two layers on the bottom… which is obiviously not visible on the pictures.

  9. What’s Ivanovic’s dress for US Open? She never wears Stella Mc, no?
    Also, are other brands revealing their outfits, like Lotto (for Aga, Kate, etc) and Lacoste? (dear god, the should stop with that blue dress Cornet’s been wearing for months now.)

  10. i think this ruffles and color will only suit to Maria Kirilenko, coz we all now she has a nice figure and she is girly. Wozniacki and Petko will lool like a joke in this collection. overall i like the collection specially the colrs. 🙂

  11. The 2 piece McCartney thet Andrea Petkovic is wearing right now is the prettiest tennis outfit I have ever seen. Perfect for her.


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