Patty Schnyder gives birth to a baby girl


Five months ago I informed you about the pregnancy of retired Swiss tennis star Patty Schnyder, whose career was crowned by 11 WTA singles titles and a regular presence in the Top 10, and now I am delighted to show you this super cute treasure, a new member of our world, little Kim Ayla.

Yes, this is Patty’s daughter born last week! 🙂 Isn’t she adorable?

Patty Schnyder

The 35-year-old Patty had been in an almost decade long marriage with Rainer Hofmann, but after ending it, when a new man entered her life, she kept him a secret. Even when she announced that she was expecting a baby, the only information, quite funnily, was that there was a real man in her pregnancy story:

Happy news.  🙂 I´m pregnant. And there is a real daddy full of joy too. So there was no sperm donor needed. 🙂

The father’s identity has now been disclosed by Blick. He is about a 40-year-old German called Jan Heino and he has been in a relationship with Patty for three years. They live together near Hanover, Germany.

Thanks, Frank, for letting me know about this news! (photo by © Neal Trousdale)



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