Laura the Explorer Robson


Laura the Explorer

WTA players love to blog and some of them have even taken a more serious step by purchasing their own domain names and concentrating on a particular niche. Iveta Melzer is a fashion blogger and now we have Laura Robson documenting her travels, shopping, and whatever she finds interesting enough to share with the world, although, she’s not so strict when it comes to sticking to a topic and says “This may end up being a blog dedicated to my cat”, depending on her mood :).

Laura the Explorer

Laura’s blog still has only two posts, but you can already see how super funny and lighthearted the Brit is. Don’t you love the blog’s name “Laura the Explorer”?

Plus, her simple “About” page cracks me up:

Hi, I’m Laura. I play tennis. This is my blog.

Visit Laura’s blog for more exotic photos from her holiday in the Virgin Islands.



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